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Providing You the Latest Lock Technology From EVVA

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  • March 15, 2015-11:17 am

Most of our homes are installed with the standard cylinder locking system which is good enough for basic home security. However all it takes these days is someone to do a few internet searches to learn a few techniques to unlock your doors. There are people out there who actually sell bumping kits on the internet for anyone to purchase. So now all it takes is picking your lock for a short while or bumping it and voila the intruders in your house. You may be familiar with the more high security locks that, although not as easily breached as the cylinder locks, can also be unlocked with certain lock picks with enough time.

The techniques of locking and bumping locks have lately become more and more correlated with home intrusions. Remember, all one needs is an internet connection to access the vast number of these videos on YouTube. How many people out there with bad intentions can access this same information? Most of the public don’t know about this, and what’s worse is that people will decide to search for tighter security measures only after they’ve had a break-in of this kind, that’s done with such simple methods.

The good news is that you don’t have to be motivated to get better security the hard way. With Locksmith Force we aim to give you the tightest security for your home. We have incorporated the latest technology provided by the people at EVVA, who have developed a cylinder lock that uses a magnetic system instead of using the traditional methods. The lock uses MCS (Magnetic Code System) technology, what happens is each and every key is designed uniquely where you’re given three times the level of security instead of one. First level is consists of a cylinder plug that has 8 rotating magnetic rotors each having magnetic pills in the key that correspond with each of them. It’s only when this specific key is inserted that an alignment will occur that will lock or unlock the door. The other two levels or protection is in the mechanical profile system, which helps prevent the lock from being easily tampered with and opened.

This is just is just one of the many security solutions we can cater for you, Locksmith Force will give you a service where we personalize the kind of security system you’re looking for, for your specific situation; whether it be for your home or business premises. As you’ve seen with EVVA, there are ways to take measures to tighten your security without having to take a huge hit on the pocket. Go ahead to one of our stores in Arizona to be assisted by one of our experts.

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