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In the locksmith industry there is constant discussion over how best to deny access to unauthorized individuals while allowing convenient access to those who should be permitted. This is our livelihood and something we take very seriously, though most others take for granted they get through their locks and others do not. At Locksmith Cave Creek we work hard to keep you and your property safe from the malicious, or playful, other people in the world. It’s important to us that you are safe, secure, and have the convenience of getting in.

It’s hard to appreciate the value of security systems, or security in general until they are compromised. Once compromised the damage takes much more work to undo. Most report being emotional unsettled as well. As much as we would like to have done lock work a day prior, we are unable to do so. Any worker is able to get you a new lock, or security system, in whatever form or type you wish. We can and do install security systems frequently.

Our professionals are trained in the latest technology and techniques.



The services we provide are personalized to your needs. We provide the service you need and do it well. Keys can always be lost, and we will come rekey. Keys can be locked on the wrong side of locked doors and we can replace it. You may just need us to show you how to use a lock better or lubricate an existing lock.


o Trust us and you will be safe and taken care of. It’s important to have service done reliably and promptly. This industry more than most, is driven by both integrity and rapid response to your requests. We promise you will be ok with us. Having your locks serviced with us instead of our competition will make you sleep safer and more soundly.

We provide quality locks, padlocks, deadbolts etc. We install it as professionals so you know it’s done right, and that it’s done conveniently for you, no matter what time of day you need us. We do all types of locks.


We are capable of rekeying locks. If you get a new residence, or have keys suspiciously missing we usually recommend rekeying. This is important to ensure that others do not have access who should not. Many want to skip this small cost and hassle but the consequences can be devastating though fortunately unauthorized access doesn’t happen to everybody who fails to rekey. As experts we do this as a routine service

o Locks are important in keeping your possessions safe. It’s something you probably take for granted until it’s a problem. When you needed to have locked a door it’s too late to go back and lock it. Locks in all their form are probably the single most impactful security mechanism in all of the US. We are the right company to help you with your needs. If it’s unlocking your door, rekeying, or installing a new lock we can help you. Locksmith in Cave Creek is here to handle all of your locking (and unlocking) needs.


The experts at Locksmith Cave Creek have a variety of tools to help with unlocking. We have variety of ways to rekey locks. And of course installing locks is a common routine request too… Don’t hesitate to contact us to help you.

Our technicians are trained Locksmith. As professionals you’ll be impressed by how easy we make our job look, even though very few of our customers could do it without us.

Locks are designed to be strong enough to resist brute force. Fortunately they usually last a very long time. However locks do contain moving parts and do eventually fail and need to be replaced or fixed. Usually once fixed they will last for quite some time more. Our experts recommend professional lock repair before replacement. We will only recommend replacement if it’s truly needed. Yes failing locks may lock you out even with valid working keys, but that should not be a recurring issue with the same lock. Contact us and we will be happy to provide an opinion.

Most people replace locks when they remodel for various reasons. We are here to both help you select a lock (if you don’t have one selected) but also to install it. Of course we politely do some QA, and advise you if you chose a lock inappropriate for the purpose you chose.

Regardless of what you need our 24 Hour service handles everything you need done. We highly value knowing what we are doing. We choose to be fully trained, as well as fast.


Many of our Locksmith work remotely via the web and phone. Because of this we can provide you key replacement without physically showing up. This is cheaper than most of our competitors while providing higher reliability. We also provide keys for code numbered lock boxes, doors, cabinets, gates, and of course master keys.

We are a licensed company and registered with Arizona’s ROC terms and regulations. You can looks us up with “Locksmith Cave Creek” at Arizona ROC.

It is an incredible, but temporary, interruption to your day to be locked out of your home, car, or business. Whatever you were planning to do cannot be done, with no advance warning, and accompanying stress. It’s not fun, or convenient but we can come quickly to resolve the issue 24/7/365. Hopefully you don’t need us often. Remember when you need us, calling us quickly means getting us their sooner! With us you can return to your life as quickly as possible.

We are here to get you back into your place when you need to do so. Call us immediately. We assure you that our assistance is convenient and available quickly when you call us. Breaking windows will get you access, but is more expensive and harder to resolve. Contact us for emergency service. For our workers, house, apartment, business, or auto, it doesn’t matter. We can reach and service you wherever, whenever. We are not very expensive so we will fit into your budget. We can and will take care of you, and will do so quickly and inexpensively.

We can get you extra keys for your car, truck, or residence. It’s not a bad idea to have a spare key with someone you trust, or (if hidden very well) you can get to should you ever be locked out. Just make sure that it’s not going to be found by a malicious individual who may have some time to look for it… If the friend is unavailable to let you back in, please call us and we will be happy to get you in. We are fast and cheap. We get keys for you, as we have for countless other individuals.

Our-24 Hour techs are here to help you any time of day or night. It’s not planed, is never convenient, and that’s true for every other customer we help. For that reason we make our service fast. The time it saves you to call us as vs whatever else you would do is also meaningful and valuable. We can help you with getting additional keys, rekeying, and lock installation too!

The next time you get locked out, call us! The experts at our company will get to you quickly and get you unlocked. As importantly, we’ll get you unlocked without damage to your vehicle or building! The Cave Creek Locksmith are competent, friendly, and experienced. We will get you into your vehicle, residence, or business as fast and inexpensively as possible. To get Cave Creek Locksmith working for you, call us number and we will get you unlocked as soon as we arrive.


Locks are important part of keeping others out of your home, car, or even business. It’s great to keep others out, but not so great when you lose your keys and are the one being kept out. It’s also best when only the people who should have access (you) have access to your stuff. Compromised keys represent a real problem and customers have reported thefts and vandalism as a result. Residential workers provide every type of common locksmith service in our area.



Your stuff and belongings are safe with us. We put locks in place that work and keep the bad guys out. Residential technicians can easily give you the service and do the installations you need.


We will rekey locks for you when you need it. There are various reasons to do so, but please don’t let your property be compromised because you didn’t take the small amount of time and money to rekey locks. Think of what could happen if you do not rekey it. True, prior owners usually are honest and won’t return or lose their keys. However it has happened that keys find their way to someone who shouldn’t have them and the cost, stress, and other damage, can be tremendous. Residential professionals will give you new keys that nobody else has.

The Residential techs can rekey a lock. If the only key(s) to it are lost or stolen this may be the only option. While most customers merely need their lock temporarily opened, this is also an option for you. Older locks are not an issue for us either.

Residential technicians know what we are doing and will provide you service quickly.


Locks normally have a very long life span compared to many of the items in our consumption based economy. However it’s not uncommon that broken locks can be repaired. Parts must fit together correctly, and in many cases a simple fix or professionally applied lubricant is all that’s needed. Residential techs recommends attempting to fix the lock before replacing it, most of the time. As professionals we can provide reasonable opinions on when the risk (unauthorized access or being unable to unlock it) out weights the value of replacing it. It’s important to have a lock work, both locking and unlocking for obvious reasons.

Many customers do replace locks as they remodel for various reasons. We can provide recommendations on locks.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed. Residential Locksmith workers is contemporary and competent. We will get the repairs done correctly, or install a new lock if that’s actually necessary.


Security is simply having one more barrier to keep malicious individuals away than they can cross. Locks are the single biggest deterrent, and as odd as it sounds are often needed to keep the honest people honest. An unlocked door is often seen as (unintended) permission to enter a building.


Aesthetics are sometimes all that consumers can think of because it’s what they understand. Our company is here to help you pick a lock that is also aesthetically pleasing. If nothing else we can help you understand what to look for in a lock.

Aesthetic locks may look pretty, but may or may not do their job. Without knowing what to look for it’s difficult to understand if they are adequate for your purposes. Lock should be sturdy and difficult to break through. Without knowing much about them it can be difficult to asses this accurately.

We do deliver as promised. You can validate us at Find A Locksmith under our company’s services.


Commercial locks vary from other locks. Business customers also have different needs! They are heavier, and made for multiple users. They are also important to get right! Commercial techs are skilled and able to service these locks. Our techs can handle your needs. Regardless of what you need, we can get it done. There are various locks and security systems that are on the market that actually vary quite a bit.


Regardless of the size of your organization Commercial professionals provide services to a big range of organizations. You (or your employer) invested a lot into your physical building and it’s contents. The damage that could be done from vandalism or them far outweighs the costs of having professionals involved in it. Commercial Our professionals provides what’s needed.


We can rekey locks. We can and do reset them to lock out others. Commercial Staff has what you need to make your business keep operating securely and efficiently even after keys have been compromised. This is not something that should be overlooked, and we do strongly recommend rekeying when keys are lost or compromised.


It’s not entirely uncommon for really old locks to fail due to a combination age, the elements, and simple wear and tear. The Cave Creek Locksmith replace locks upon request.


If you have obsolete (or very old) locks you should contact our Locksmith in Cave Creek and we will discuss with you what locks you need. Our service of techs will do the work with skill and precision. We will recommend the technology best suited to your needs, not just the most expensive!


There are always risks with having your business location. People assume you have money just because you are business. You may be targeted for theft, or simple vandalism. Commercial workers can provide you what you need so you can control access to just those who need it, and deny access to those who do not.

Several of our Commercial technicians are dedicated to remotely assisting you. We can provide several of your needs remotely without having to be physically present depending on what you need. If you want new keys that’s a routine request for us to handle.

We are a member organization to the Association Locksmith of America.


Other kinds of solutions that weprovide involve:

Key-less accessibility systems

Master locations

Emergency restoration


It’s never convenient when you lock your car keys in your vehicle. Of course when you do, you need to be going somewhere (otherwise you wouldn’t be going to your car). It’s probably going to cause you problems because you are going to be late! To make it worse you then are frustrated and trapped wherever you are! Contact our Automobile techs and we will make you much happier!


A competent qualified locksmith can and will come when you call us. We are fast enough to be incredibly useful, and generally have the tools to get it unlocked in seconds. We are the solution to your problem and will get you back into your auto. Trust us, we have the tools and knowhow to get in, without damaging your vehicle!


The Automotive professionals can service old locks in older vehicles. Locks and how to bypass them have changed over the years and we still have the tools and skill to handle even the very old vehicles, not just the new ones. There is basically no vehicle we cannot get you back into, provided you are the legitimate owner.


If you ever want the keys changed in your vehicle we can do that too. Automotive staff has the tools and skill to replace and undo whatever access issues have occurred. Compared to the cost of having a car missing, or even the cost and stress of theft of what’s in your car this is a very minor expense!

Servicing Old Locks

If you get locked out of your vehicle, don’t worry we can quickly get to you, and get you back into your car. When you need us, we will save the day!

We encourage you to review the guide from the National Locksmith Association.


When you get locked out it is no fun, and causes immediate stress (free of additional effort!). Emergency technicians work 24/7 to get you service and access. We are fast and efficient. However we cannot start going to get you unlocked until you call us! Please do not hesitate to call us righ away.

Helpful Emergencyservice technicians are here for you. This is at best inconvenient if not a downright problem! Because of that, at Cave Creek Locksmith, we provide continuous Emergency Locksmith help. Unless you have the tools and knowledge on how to bypass your security (locks) you probably don’t have a choice. A broken window is going to be at best “very inconvenient” latter, not to mention downright suspicions to authorities.


There are other ways to get in, aside from a new keep. However they tend to come with problems. The old owners may have access, and do more than they should when returning. Leaving locks unlocked, and other back doors are excellent opportunities for malicious individuals when they eventually happen to notice your creative security holes. Emergency Locksmith Cave Creek will get you a new key quickly, but safely.


Emergency Locksmith Cave Creek can replace the ignition key in automobiles. Cave Creek Locksmith are fully capable of replacing the ignition. If you have a car key missing it’s the only way to guarantee they do not drive off with your vehicle. It’s also not a bad idea for used vehicles; can you guarantee someone else with the key will not drive off with the vehicle? Cave Creek Locksmith is the best choice to get your ignition replaced.


You never get locked out of your home or business and find it convenient. It’s not fun, and interrupts your daily life. When locked out, you just want to get back to your life to get something done. Locksmith Cave Creek will get you back in regardless of where you are locked out.

The Emergency Locksmith Cave Creek service techs will show up quickly and get the job done far faster than you would expect. Please do not hesitate to contact us. Remember, until you call us the time to getting back to your life doesn’t start ticking!

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