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Discussions are prevalent today about the best ways to protect your property, how to avoid any existing risks that you may have, and therefore, what is the simplest methods that you can use to protect yourself, you family and your possessions. All of our certified technicians acknowledge that these are the basic key reasons for using home protection. Assuring the safety of your family members is often not the top thoughts in your mind. That is why talking with a locksmith that you can trust and rely upon to give you an honest appraisal of your needs to make certain that you rest peacefully at night knowing your family and possessions are safe and secure.

Many times, people do not comprehend that secure protections is available for you and your family. It is very easy to forget the need to maintain security of you loved ones and your possessions when other issues of life are foremost in our mind. All to often, we never ever think about security issues, but we think about a new large screen TV or other fancy possession without ever securing our possessions in the future. What good are these possessions if we do not keep them safe? We are here for that reason. We help you realize the need, make the right choices to keep your possessions safe and then make sure that the system you choose operates perfectly after installation. Each home has different needs and we will ensure you have the best system for your specific needs. To make sure your system is right for you and gives you top quality security dependent on your location and requirements, contact a Locksmith in Gilbert today.



Assessing your home needs is not the end of our customized personal service. Our experts can provide the best proper solutions for commercial, automotive and emergency security needs. Choosing the best security system for protection of your possessions is important and requires consideration of all the detailed needs. The old trick of using a Beware of Dog sign is worthless today. Car keys are easily misplaced or lost. Businesses often lose employees and need to change security codes. The list goes on and on why having a reliable locksmith who understands your needs assist you with the decisions for maintaining the safety of your property, the people and even your information.


When you call our trained experts, you can be sure that you are in good hands. We don’t just say it. We guarantee it. Our locksmiths offer high quality locks, secure doors, windows and cabinets. Knowing that you have the best security system for your needs let’s you remain safe and rest well at night with the assurance that you are completely protected. Our technicians will provide the best locks available and all the details necessary for your security procedures. We carry a full line of cams, latches, padlocks and locks. Ifitisavailable, wecarrythem.


Our experts will provide all of your re-key needs. If you just bought a new home that has outdated locks, then it is a wise decision to re-key your lock system. Often the locks on older homes are worn and do not function at their full capacity. There is also the fact that you do not know everyone that may have had keys for the locks in the past. Another reason re-key services are helpful is when doorway keys are missing or broken and you require the use of the doors. The experts that we hire for our services are the best solution to solving the problem with new keys and if necessary new locks


Protecting your property and possessions makes the use of locks necessary. Everyone has belongings or important information such as personal Ids, birth certificates and other important papers that they wish to keep safe which is why there is a large assortment of types of locks in use today. It may seem that the need for securing personal information and belongings in the home is different than for businesses, until you realize that the needs are varied which is the reason that the types of security change. Business or personal, all the needs are still important to the owners. Our trained technicians are the ones who can make sure that you have the appropriate lock system for your needs.

Our Locksmiths uses a wide assortment of techniques to help in our daily activities. Most commonly we see people who require our assistance because they have lost or misplaced a key. It can happen to any of us. We replicate keys on site if necessary for your convenience.

The Gilbert Locksmith is trained and experienced in all security system needs and can develop any type of key for outdated lock that you may need.

Many times locks are only worn and require being fixed instead of replacement. After locks are repaired they will last for many years longer. Our trained experts will recommend that you fix locks when possible instead of replacing them. Our locksmiths will suggest buying new locks only if there is not a valid repair that will meet your needs for the existing locks you have. If the basic lock is strong enough to meet the needs then repairing the lock makes more sense than replacing the lock. Our capacitated technicians can repair all types of locks problems and will never leave you without the best solution to your security problems.

We will help you find the right lock for your own specific security needs. From beginning to end, assessment to installation, Locksmith Gilbert always make sure every essential task associated with lock installations and repairs is done with the highest quality possible.


There are a large number of commercial Locksmiths in the area who offer services such as key cutting and replacements on the web. By doing this, you save time because you are not required to take the keys to them or wait for them to travel to you. Some of the types of keys that can be cut in this manner are keys cut from code numbers such as Master keys, copy-protected keys, lock box, and other keys that have factory limitations or other restrictions imposed on them. One we are most familiar with is Post Office box keys that are stamped with do not duplicate. The only ones that should be allowed to have these keys duplicated or replaced would be the U.S. Post Office employee with the authorization to do so. In these cases, the qualified expert can cut the keys only with the permission of the person with the full authorization to do so.

We are a certified licensed Gilbert Locksmith company and are registered with Arizona’s ROC following their standard terms and guidelines. Please check with the Arizona ROC Search Engine using our company name for more information.

Discovering that you are locked out of your office, home or vehicle is not only inconvenient, it is also stressful. There is no doubt that what you were planning to do will be put on hold until you have keys for entry. Standing outside your office while your phone rings can also mean losing a client, thereby, losing business and money as well as your time. None of these things do we want to happen and often can be avoided or at least solved rapidly. With the certified, skilled 24 hour services of the experts we have available, we will get you back on track and following your plans for the day as quickly as possible. We are fast, efficient and your satisfaction is our top priority. Contact our Locksmiths today and learn how to avoid most lock out issues in the future and solve the current lockouts right away.

Our experts are in the position to assist you for all lock system problems at anytime. It doesn’t matter if you are at home or the office, being locked out and unable to find the keys is always stressful and there is not a solution, like breaking a window or ramming a door to gain entrance to get your keys that will not cause more expensive damages. Instead of panic, contact our trained technicians for the most positive solution and getting you back inside hassle-free.

The experts we have available will supply the new keys for your door or auto whenever you are locked out and they will also create extra keys to avoid the problems in the future. They offer good advice about leaving a spare key with family or friends who could bring you a key if you ever find you are locked out in the future. An extra set of keys is almost always by far the cheapest method to avoid repairs and replacements. However, that is not always an alternative. Our services are affordable and fast. We will replace your keys as quickly as possible and is our most common service requested.


Safeguarding you and your possessions is vital and locks are necessary to do this. Every home is important and the possessions inside are more important. Although the needs are different, there are numerous security systems and locks available to protect and secure your home and belongings. Our experts are trusted reliable professionals for all your lock needs. Call the experts available today for solutions to any of your residential lock needs.



We want to be sure you understand how important it is to know the technicians who are working on your security and lock needs. You should only have the best professionals who are well trained and experienced in the industry working with you, your family and possessions. You will have peace of mind when you work with us to keep you and your belongings safe and secure. Assurance is only possible when you use the most secure locks and security systems available. We will always supply you with the best of the best in locks and complete guidelines for use.


All of our trained experts supply all variations of re-keying services. Whether you are remodeling, redecorating or have bought a new home which has outdated locks, it is possible that some of the necessary keys are missing. Often when you purchase an older home, you not only face having outdated locks but some of the keys to areas such as root cellar doors, fences and other areas are missing. Since you don’t know who may have been given keys to these locks over the years, you cannot be positive that just re-keying the existing locks will solve the problem of keeping your home the safest possible. For a remodel or redecorating, you may only need new keys since you will probably know if others may have keys. If the outdated locks are still in working condition then it is possible that they are only worn and need maintenance to be sufficient for your security needs. Our Residential Locksmiths can cut you the new keys, repair the locks and restore the access to your home and if necessary can replace the locks and keys with new ones.

Our residential trained technicians have all the latest tools and technology to update the locks on older homes. If the keys are lost or broken, we can create a new key. Re-keying is not the same as making duplicate keys. Often you have the key and just want an identical match. But, all too often the key is broken or missing and you need a key without having the original. Re-keying creates a new key using the existing lock without the original key. All of our technicians are fully trained in re-keying and will have no trouble assisting you with keys to satisfy this type of need.

Locksmith Gilbert has 24 hour technical support to assist you whenever and wherever you need. It is stressful when you start your day locked out of your vehicle or business. Being able to contact a locksmith service 24/7 will allow you to save time and get back to work. Other reasons to contact our qualified technicians are: replacement keys and duplicates, re-keying and even complete security systems in the future.

If you are locked out, don’t panic. The certified technicians we possess will be there quickly and get you back to your day. The experts we hire are highly trained and have the certification necessary to get you back into your car, home or office fast and as inexpensively as possible. Contact one of our qualified technicians by calling our number and we will respond as soon as possible.

Tonight you worked late. You are tired and want to get home as fast as you can. You walk to your car and reach for your keys. They aren’t in your pocket. You are standing in the rain trying to remember where you might have put them. You wipe the rain out of your eyes and look up only to see the keys dangling from the ignition of the car. You try the door but you already knew it is locked. Thank goodness you have done your research and have your trusted locksmith’s phone number programmed into your phone. You make the call. Our fast technicians respond immediately and within minutes they are at your location and you will soon be back in your vehicle and on your way home. You are in good hands and happy that you made the wise decision to keep a locksmith in your important phone numbers. You can have that kind of peace of mind, too. Contact our offices and speak to our technicians about our services, now!


Locks can last for many years if they are taken care of properly. The most important part of the lock system is makings sure that the latches in the lock work and lock/unlock properly. When a lock is worn, many people think they must just toss it out and buy a new lock. Very often, all that is required is to fix the lock. The Residential Locksmiths in the area recommend fixing any lock before the expense of replacing it when the lock is simply worn from use. Making sure the lock works properly and safely is the vital part of the locks life span.

When remodeling, often you will need new locks. Our Locksmiths have 24 hour service to assist you in locating the best lock and security system for your home.

From assessment to installation, we offer a complete satisfaction guarantee. No two needs require the same solution. Our technicians are qualified and trained in all forms of lock needs. A residential qualified technician uses the latest and best technology practices and meets all modern standards of the lock industry.


Keeping safe and secure means you must be one step ahead of others. Our trained experts assure that you have the most up-to-date technology available. Our experts will work with you and install the best lock system for your specific needs. Before the job is finished the technicians will ascertain that the system and all locks are working properly and that you fully understand how to use them. For a free quote call us today.


Some of the most common areas that require locking systems on a home are the entrances, windows,storage areas, basements and fences. The experts in the area can help you choose the best lock system for you.

Custom locks may look great, but are they truly secure? The use of custom locks isn’t a guarantee of the most safety. Likewise, just because it costs more doesn’t make it the safest. Our trained technicians can explain the pros and cons and help to evaluate the best locks for you and then will test the installations to make sure that it is working properly and secure.

Don’t doubt any longer. Contact us and see what we can do for you. We keep our promises and always deliver. Give our residential experts a call today and find a reliable locksmith to handle your safety needs.


Commercial lock systems are different when compared to other types of security systems. Commercial locks must be stronger to fit the industrial size needs of businesses.

The commercial Locksmith in Gilbert is highly trained in all types of business locksmith requirements. These highly trained technicians will handle all of your commercial needs. From a complex security matrix to a simple key code system, we can set up all of your commercial and industrial lock system needs.


All businesses, from a small proprietorship to a mega conglomerate corporation, the need the services of the trained expert in the area to cover their wide range of commercial needs. Businesses spend a lot of time and effort building successful companies and keeping all of that hard work safe is imperative. A business’s possessions, documents, property and equipment are its greatest assets. The highly efficient and well-trained Commercial experts deliver all the experience and skills necessary to protect these assets.



When you need re-keying solutions, we can help. Do you require duplicate keys or a replacement for a lost key, then you can have a new key bases on your specific locking needs. This is an important part of regular services. The Commercial Locksmiths in the areaare experienced and have the knowledge needed to keep your business flowing smoothly and maintain top security. We can do re-keying solutions for all business and industrial needs and types of locks.


Excessive lock use and normal wear and tear can stop locks from functioning properly. An older or rusty lock is a security issue and is often ignored. It is vital that the lock works at full capacity because you security system is only as good as its weakest link. The Gilbert Locksmith, by using the best servicing methods will restore and repair all old locks. If you are concerned that your lock is broken or compromised, contact us immediately.


If you have outdated locks, then you need to call a professional Locksmith in the area to solve all of your lock needs. The commercial technical Gilbert Locksmith uses the most modern tools and procedures to make sure that your locks fulfill your needs and work properly. The latest technology is used by the Locksmiths in the area to satisfy all of your security requirements.


Operating your own company creates much stress and large workloads. You are human and can’t do it alone. Knowing who to hire to help with the daily tasks and emergency needs of your business is vital to your company’s success. Not doing this greatly puts your business at risk. Do not compromise the security of your company and have the Commercial Locksmith Gilbert provide your security needs. These professionals will provide you with the technology to allow you to maintain control over employee accessible areas and when they need to have that access.

Most of the Commercial trained and qualified technicians use the internet and can service many of your key needs on the web for your convenience. We can provide all types of key cut services and even the higher security systems like coded keys, and copy righted keys.

We are a registered and licensed business with the Association Locksmiths of America.


Other kinds of solutions that Locksmith Gilbert provides involve:

-Key-less accessibility systems

-Master locations

-Emergency restoration


You just left the office after working late staring at a computer screen and finishing a behind schedule rush job. You’re beyond tired and walk slowly to your car. It’s drizzling rain and freezing cold and you expect snow by morning. The weather is being totally uncooperative. You reach your car but can’t get the key into the lock. You warm the key in your mouth and blow on the lock and finally it fits inside. You turn the key and hear a loud cracking sound. The key just broke off in the lock. You would rather not break the window and what good would that do anyway? You still couldn’t start the car and you are slowly freezing and getting soaked. This is going to be costly and dangerous is all you can think about. What are your other options? The you reach for your phone and contact our Automotiveexperts and in minutes our technician arrives and has your door open while making sure you have a new key for the locks that works properly.


There is always an emergency locksmith with the necessary skills ready to help you with any type of problem. The inconvenience of losing or locking your keys in your car is not fun. To avoid the aggravation and stress, call your local emergency service that we provide. For the Gilbert area, the problems of being locked out of your vehicle no longer exist. Automotive experts in the area will respond quickly, usually in a matter of minutes. The Locksmith is affordable and more so when compared to the other alternatives.



The Automotive trained experts will make sure to meet all of your automobile needs. In order to avoid possible future lockouts, consider giving a family member or friend an extra key. This will allow you to have access to your vehicle if you should become locked out. If this option is not a possibility, feel free to call an Gilbert Locksmith and we will help get you on the road right away.


Should you find that you have lost your keys or someone has stolen them and has access to your automobile, the technicians at Automotive Locksmith in Gilbert can change the ignition on the vehicle. Sometimes people have had to give up their keys or need extra protection against lockouts and theft will need this type of service. We provide the service at very reasonable rates.

Servicing Old Locks

Don’t panic if you experience a lockout. The Automotive Locksmith Gilbert will be there instantly and work effectively to put you back on the road.



It is a major inconvenience to suddenly realize that you are locked out. It will ruin your entire day in less than a minute. Help is available with the 24/7 service of our skilled Emergency qualified and trained technicians. We will get you back to your day’s plans quickly and efficiently. Don’t wait, contact the Emergency experts in the area right way.


The technicians at Emergency servicees are ready to help and experienced. We understand that lockouts happen any time and any where. It doesn’t matter where you are or what time it is, a lock out is always inconvenient. Because of this, our experts offer 24/7 emergency locksmith service. Stop fretting about breaking a window or costly repairs. Call a reliable friendly locksmith and we will assist you quickly. Our services are affordable when compared to the other solutions to get your keys and repair the damage to doors and windows. We use only highly trained professionals and as soon as you call we will respond to help.


Emergency Locksmith Gilbert consists of professional technicians who can create new keys on location when necessary to supply your needs. We will get you fast and reliable entry into your locked area. There may be other methods available that are more convenient but if they don’t work then they are not efficient and can often become more costly in the long run. For this reason our technicians will create a new key for you when necessary. New keys can become a hassle and expensive. Often you don’t need “new” keys and only need lock repair or replacement keys. The Emergency experts in the area could cut the time and the cost in half on most key replacement, re-key expenses.


Emergency trained technicians also offer substitute ignitions. If you expect that the missing keys have been stolen and not just misplaced, sometimes it is a better idea to replace the ignition or re-key the existing one so that the old key will no longer work in the vehicle. Our experts can install ignitions with new keys. This will ensure the security of your vehicle against theft if the keys were stolen even after the lockout is repaired. Having your ignition changed is better, more reasonable priced and much saner than buying a new car because the keys were stolen. Our locksmiths have been well-trained and are experienced experts that can do most services within an hour or less. We are your best alternative for ignition changes.



It is very upsetting for a business owner or home owner to realize that they have been locked out. Regardless of what time it is, it is always a inconvenience and causes many problems for the one who is locked out. Our Locksmithscan assist you no matter what you require from making copies or re-keying to full system installations.

The Emergency trained and qualified technicians will arrive fast and finish all the solutions for your needs efficiently. You will be back to your plans and routines quickly. To connect with our highly trained locksmiths, please feel free to call us.

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