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One of the main discussions in the industry is the safety and protection of you, your loved ones and your belongings. Saving you from all perceived safety issues is what most industry professionals spend their days trying to sort out. Every technician and skilled locksmith in Guadalupe here understands the priority of the safety of the things you hold dear. Having to make decisions regarding the safety of you and your loved ones can be incredibly stressful and require a lot of research and consideration. Talking to a professional locksmith can help alleviate some of the anxiety and fear caused by not knowing what to do.

Often, people don’t recognize the need or solutions to their security issues, or even how readily available and affordable solutions to these problems are. It is also becoming easier and easier to overlook security issues when we have other things on our minds and other expenses we think of first. Sometimes we prioritize a new bathroom remodeling or a new TV. But really, when they aren’t safe, what’s the point in buying them? This is where we come in to play. All Our technicians can quickly install a new home security system. Within your specific home needs we can set up a security system that covers you to the best for your particular needs and level of security that you require. We understand that your needs can change based on your situation and location, so call a Locksmith Guadalupe professional who is experienced and trained to handle all of your needs.



WE offer a huge variety of services. We will provide the best solutions for all situations, whether they be emergency, commercial, home or car. We can help you assess the most suitable plans for your needs. Remember you and your security requirements are unique to you; a cookie cutter system for everyone just doesn’t work. Using signs doesn’t always work. Keys get lost or stolen all the time. Always research your security plan with a professional.


With our services, we guarantee you are in the most capable care. We assure this with properly locked door, windows, and cabinets with the best quality locks. The best safety measures allow you to sleep peacefully knowing you have all the protection you could need. We not only offer the best quality locks but all the information you’ll need for your needs. We have one of the most extensive collections of locks, from padlocks to combination and deadbolt. We have them all.



Guadalupe Locksmith is the best support for all re-keying jobs. This should be something you do as soon as you purchase a new house, not just because it’s usually an old lock. Sometimes they are just old and well used, but other times certain keys are missing or broken. These are the times when a new lock would seem to be the best solution. If this is the case, no problem… The experts will make every effort to help you.


You should never take your locks for granted. They are the pivotal point of protection for you, your family and your belongings. Our homes are where we keep our most valued possessions and we need to have top notch safety and protection there. Since each house, door, and window are different, we need to have the best tools and equipment available. These are the reasons the market is so full of every imaginable type of security item. You will also notice that your needs for home security are different from your needs for car or commercial security. All our experts are capable to help you pick out what you really need, and then install it for you. If it’s a misplaced key, a broken lock or other security issue, we are here for you. We will supply all of your lock and key needs.



The highly trained experts at Guadalupe use multiple keys and locks. Often keys are simply misplaced. Then the necessity is to replace it by re-keying. Re-keying is one of the best ways to replace these keys without having to replace the whole lock. Even if the key is no longer available or lost we can re-key the lock to accept a new one saving you from purchasing a new one.

Our technicians are experienced in all these types of situations.

Locks are usually made of steel, and are strong, so just replacing the key is often an option. Once they are re-keyed or fixed they can still have many years of life left in them. We at Locksmith Guadalupe suggest you consider repair over replacing wherever possible. We only suggest complete replacement if the lock itself is no longer functional and beyond our expertise to fix. Environmentally a fixed lock is always preferred to throwing out a lock. Our locksmiths will always insure you are completely secure before signing off on a job.

If you are purchasing a new home or office, replacing or re-keying your locks is mandatory. We will not just help you to find the right lock, but will guarantee a perfect installation of your new locks.

Whether it is installing or maintaining, our 24 Hour insures everything connected to your new locks will work flawlessly. We understand completely that every situation has different needs and different companies create different locks. This is precisely why we Locksmiths are always fully trained on the newest equipment and procedures as they come to market.


Almost all of our expert locksmiths work online and are available to consult via the internet. This allows us to provide you several services instantly, like shearing and key replacement. This is one way we help you by keeping everything as quickly and efficiently as possible. This is only part of the package of exemplary services we offer you. We also offer keys for code numbered lock boxes, cabinets, doors, and Master Keys.

Locksmith Guadalupe is also a licensed Locksmith company and registered Arizona’s ROC terms and guidelines to uphold the highest standards. You can look us up by name at Arizona ROC Search Engine.

The inconvenience of locking yourself out of your home, car or business can be staggering. This can cause you to have to cancel appointments and meetings or whatever other plans you had for the day. Sometimes being locked out can close your business for the day, not only loosing you money but customers too. These situations should never have to happen and are really unfortunate. Be assured though, that our professional 24 Hour Locksmith’s and our vast array of services can have you back on track as soon as possible. We insure the best quality and in the timeliest fashion. By calling us, we will have you back on track in no time.


At Locksmith Guadalupe we are always prepared to help, we are here for you. Don’t worry. Call us right away. We promise our technicians will be there quickly and you will get the very best service. Don’t go through all the effort and hassle of expensive door and window repair or replacement. Call our emergency service. For us it’s all the same, auto, home, or commercial, we do it all. Wherever and whenever, we will be there to help. We are reasonably priced, so you never need to worry that will break the bank while fixing your locks.


Locksmith Guadalupe will make extra keys, so if you find yourself locked out you will have an extra key to get you in safely. A good tip is to leave an extra key with a friend or relative, so if it ever happens again you only need to get in touch with them to find your problem resolved. This is the most ideal method. But if your friend can’t make it, just call us. We are fast, efficient and affordable. We can replace the keys as quick as possible and have you on your way. This is probably our most in demand service.

We have 24 hour service and one or more of our technicians are always standing by ready to help. It can be absolutely disruptive to your day if you can’t get into your car or office. A local 24/7 locksmith on call means no more loss of production and your day can move on free and clear of the extra hassle. In addition to re-keying, our technicians are experts in addressing locks, cutting duplicate keys, and managing and developing other security systems for your needs.


Locked out? Don’t let it stress you ever again! Our technical experts at Locksmith Guadalupe will rush over and get your problems sorted out right away. The Guadalupe Locksmith people are certified, skilled, experienced professionals. They will open a car, door or any lock type to get you in and running. Please contact us at Guadalupe Locksmith; we look forward to helping you!


We all know how important locks are to preventing loss. We all know our homes are important and the belongings and people that are inside them need to be safe. For each type of security need there is a different type of lock or locking device, that’s why the markets are awash with them. A locksmith is a reliable and trusted resource when it comes to locks and lock accessories, you should call them any time you need too. We have every type of residential lock and key service you will need.



You, your family, and your belongings are safe with our expert technicians; you can rest assured of that. To have peace of mind you have to have the best quality and security available. We can not only get you the best possible locks and security but also all of the references and guides you will ne to use them to their fullest.

Residential Locksmiths


Guadalupe locksmith

We will re-key all of your locks, whether you have just purchased a new house or simply lost the keys to the home you own now. Often people don’t have access to the keys they need; for example, a home owner buys a home but finds several basement doors locked with no keys from the previous owner. You will definitely need a new key in this instance, but what if these locks are still in good condition? We will supply you new keys to work with the old locks, saving you the cost and trouble of replacing those locks completely.

These technicians use the very latest tools and techniques. We can cut replacement keys for any that are misplaced, lost or broke. Re-keying is the process of cutting a new key to replace the old one. Key copying is cutting a new key based on the original key. Re-keying is when the locksmith uses the existing lock and sets it up to accept a new key. Our techs are some of the best at this service and will have no problem helping you.


If you care for your locks properly you can get a lifetime of use from them. The most important part of the lock is to insure it latches correctly. So many people think the only way to fix a problem lock is to purchase a new one. More often than not, a simple fix is possible. Our ideal is to try to fix the lock before throwing it out, saving you money and saving the environment from even more garbage. Most importantly though, we insure the lock is working at its best.

If you are remodeling, new locks are in your future. The Guadalupe Locksmith 24 Hour techs will help you find what you need, install it, and give you the peace of mind you get when having a professional do a job for you.

From start to finish we guarantee your satisfaction. Since no two customers have the exact same needs, our technicians are completely trained in all aspects of locks and locksmiths, the technicians are trained and experts in the newest technologies, software and methods of our industry.




To be secure, you must always be a step ahead of the rest. Here, we insure the most modern and technologically advanced equipment available. We will insure that not only do you get a fantastic, high quality finished product, but we will make sure you are taught the best ways to care for and maintain you new equipment. Call us for a free quote.


Not just front and back doors but fences, garages, storage units, bay doors and even basements all proper locks and security, and everyone is different so everyone has different security needs. The Residential professionals will help you in deciding which ones are the best suited for your individual needs.

A custom lock for a custom look, but will it be secure? Using custom locks doesn’t always insure security. It may be the most expensive, but it doesn’t make it the most effective. Not only do we help you find the perfect locks, but we also test them for you.

We are the best at what we do. Having doubts? We want you to check for yourself. We follow through on our guarantees, always. Check out our reviews at Find a Locksmith under Residential Locksmith Guadalupe.



As you know the commercial lock systems differ greatly from other systems. Commercial locks require greater security and industrial strength. Here, we understand commercial locksmith needs and are well trained in servicing these needs. Our Commercial experts will quickly take care of any locksmith needs you may have. From highly complicated security systems to the simplest re-keying, we can repair, install, and maintain all your locks needs be they commercial or industrial.


It doesn’t matter if you are a Fortune 500 company or the mom and pop corner store, our expertly trained staff at Commercial Locksmith can provide services to a varying range of commercial businesses. We understand how much time and effort go into building your company and safe guarding all of your hard work is our top priority. Your staff, office documents, equipment, personal possessions, and work place are the heart of you business. So let Commercial Locksmith highly trained professionals offer you all types of experience and skill set to safe guard them.




Commercial Locksmiths

We provide you with professional re-keying solutions. If you have misplaced your keys or require new ones, we can create a new key based upon that need. This is one of our more sought after offerings and something we pride ourselves in. Our commercial Locksmiths have the skilled and experienced staff to insure your work flows uninterrupted. We offer re-keying solutions for every type of lock imaginable.


Normal wear and tear, excessive use, and plain old damaged or faulty locks can cause the locks to completely stop working. We know it is a top priority to keep these locks working at their optimal state. Our locksmiths, with our years of training, skill and experience, cannot only service but restore all old locks to like new condition.

Locksmith in Guadalupe


Commercial Locksmiths

If your locks and equipment are worn and outdated, you should call a skilled professional locksmith in Guadalupe who can provide you with the absolute best lock and security solutions. The Commercial technicians use the best materials and software to ensure that the locks are installed perfectly. The Commercial Locksmith service uses only the newest technology to satisfy all new installation requests.


We understand how many stresses and problems arise when you are running your own company. We know you can’t do everything yourself. We know you have to decide who to hire and with that who has access to which parts of your business. WE know that it’s a priority to know who can see or access which areas or items. So to insure your needs for security are met and not compromised, we know we have the experts you need. We can provide you with the hardware and the technology that will allow you to control where, when and who can access each area of your business.

Almost all Commercial Locksmith technicians work online and can provide you quick and reliable service via the internet for all your needs. We offer all types of key cutting, including coded keys, high security keys, copy righted keys and so many more.

Our company is a registered and licensed business that is part of the Association Locksmiths of America



Imagine you already worked a full day that it’s really late. You’re tired and start walking to your car. You get to your vehicle and you can’t find your keys anywhere. You search and search all over until you notice your keys are still locked inside the car. You try to open the door, but, sure enough, it’s locked. What are you going to do? You could split the window frame. You could break the glass. You could try to jam the lock. But why would you? These solutions could be dangerous and very costly. So what will you do? Instead of trying these expensive and possibly dangerous methods, contact our Automotive Locksmiths and save yourself the stress, time and money.


Locksmiths, skilled and trained for emergencies, are always there to help, no matter the issue. Nothing is more inconvenient than losing your keys or locking yourself out of your car. So to save yourself from all the stress and hassle, call your local emergency locksmiths, us. For everyone in the Guadalupe area, getting locked out can now be a thing of the past. Our team always arrives quickly. Our service is not only affordable, but can be a huge savings if you consider the other alternatives.



Automotive Locksmiths

At Automotive Locksmiths we can service all of your automotive lock and key needs. In order to prevent future lockouts, you may wish to consider giving a family friend a spare key. This will allow you to have that extra level of safety against lockouts or lost keys. If this isn’t a feasible option, then by all means, call one of courteous, reliable locksmiths.


If you find yourself locked out or that someone has illegally gained access to your car, our skilled technicians can not only help open your car, but re-key your locks and your ignition as well. We find that a lot of people who have lost or given out their keys have had need of this service. Not only can we provide this service, but we provide it for a very affordable price.


For those of you who are going through the joys of a lockout: we will show up quickly and work to get you back on the road in no time, stress free and happy.

Feel free to view the full guide of the National Locksmith Association



Nothing is more inconvenient than realizing you’ve been locked out. You can ruin your whole day in just those seconds after becoming aware of the lockout. So call the Emergency Locksmith technicians that give 24/7 service. We are not only efficient, quick, professional and experienced, but we can get you back to your day faster than you thought was possible. Contact the Emergency Locksmith service, no need to hesitate.


Highly skilled Emergency Locksmith technicians are here to help. We understand that problems occur at any place, and at any time. Even the smallest of these issues can be extremely inconvenient. That’s why we offer 24/7 Emergency Locksmith services here, at Emergency Locksmiths. There’s no need to worry about the cost of breaking a window or the damage from jimmying your own lock, just call our helpful technicians and we will rush right over to get you on your way as quickly as possible. Our services are surprisingly affordable, and comparing them to the cost of replacing windows or door locks, or any other damage that may occur, the decision is obvious. So when you have a problem with a lock or key, call our courteous professional staff, and we will be happy to help.

Emergency Locksmiths



Emergency Locksmith Guadalupe is the “go to” guys for all your new key needs. We insure quick and easy access to the places you need to be. While there are a few more convenient and inexpensive methods, we find that they don’t always work. That’s why our locksmiths can insure you get the new key that works best for your situation. Getting new keys cut can be a time consuming and expensive task. Emergency Locksmiths can help to cut both of those in half by getting them for you.


Emergency Locksmiths also offers ignition substitution as another service for you. If you find that you have lost your keys and are concerned for you vehicle or personal safety, our locksmiths can quickly put in new locks, ignition and replace your keys. This is just another one of our services to insure your safety and security. Remember that getting your ignition switched over is not only an inexpensive alternative to replacing a stolen car, but is often less than insurance deductable to replace that car. An hour or less is all our highly trained techs need to get you back up and running. We are the best option for replacing your ignition and other locksmith needs.



24 Hour Locksmiths

One of the most upsetting occurrences for anyone is finding they have been locked out. No matter the time, being locked out is one of the most stressful and inconvenient happenings causing numerous issues that you have to deal with. Emergency Locksmiths will help you, no matter the need. If it’s re-keying, copying keys, or anything in between, our Emergency Locksmith professionals will get to you quickly and finish the job as fast as possible. You’ll be back to business as usual you may well wonder if we were really there. So when you have a problem with a lock or key, call our courteous professional staff, and we will help you immediately

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