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Helping our customers to feel safe at home is something that keeps our minds constantly creating new solutions and methods. We feel the safety of our community is in our, and we must be always prepared. Our first priority is to keep our community and patrons safe. Here, our Locksmith in Komatke believes safety is extremely important. We not only want to keep you safe, but also our own families and friends. This is what motivates us to be the best in the industry. The first step in choosing a security solution is to evaluate the type of protection you need. This can be either a tiring and overwhelming process, or an opportunity to know more about exciting new technology for your home.

However, style does not mean sacrificing neither your safety nor the other way around. You will find that they complement each other. We only ask our distinguished customers to take a realistic assessment of their actual security needs. You don´t want to have all of these valuable possessions to be taken by someone who has not worked for them. In consequence, consider all your many security needs and see what system works best for you. We will be more than happy to assist you.



We offer the widest array of services and the highest quality equipment. Of course, they are totally customizable to your specific needs. Our endless supply of elegant and classic styles, combined with the latest technologies, will satisfy your most exigent needs, our ocksmiths are there to help.


With Locksmith Komatke your safety needs will be completely covered. Rest assured knowing you are being taken care of by the best. Our expert technicians are totally customer oriented and will take the highest care and respect while ensuring your safety and the correct function of your security needs. We really put our best effort on each job so that our work is done properly and efficiently. When you trust the best professionals you are taking a major step in feeling safe. We know you want to be sure that the person next to you can be trusted and is knows what he´s doing. You will get all that and more with our locksmiths.



We should be the go to store for all of your re-keying needs. This fairly simple process allows you to use a new key on your old lock, while rendering all other copies useless. This is a vital process for new homeowners or when you take on a remodeling job. Our experts can help you with any of your re-keying needs.


We know you are a sensible person who does not like to throw his money away. When our security is breached, we feel like we just threw all our effort down the drain. Never feel again at risk of losing everything you have just because there is a breach in your house or office. Professionals here are the perfect people for any security installation you want to perform. They will help you install any security systems and other safeguarding processes.



Komatke Locksmith knows the widest array of techniques to help us feel safe in our daily activities. People think they just need our services because they misplaced or lost a key. It happens. But we can also duplicate keys on site when needed for their convenience.

Locksmiths Komatke

The team is an experienced group who are experts in many types of situations.

Far too often, people want to get rid of perfectly good locks just because they believe they do not work anymore. This frequently happens when they do not service it on time and think it is just broken. Locks are mechanisms that suffer from wear and tear just like anything that is constantly used. However, locks are designed to be a lot stronger than many other items. More often than not, a lock is not broken; it just needs to be serviced or fixed. Our Locksmiths will always inspect and evaluate your locks to see if they are damaged or just need a little care. If it can be fixed we can help you save a ton of money. Our goal is to make sure your locks function properly.

We can also give you advice to choose the right lock for whatever your security needs are. From start to finish, we do it all. Measuring, refitting, drilling, and installing, Komatke Valley will perform all and every task needed to get your home prepared for any event.


Lock outs are one of the most inconvenient events ever. Your whole day can be totally altered just because we make a simple mistake. Additionally, being locked out can bring other less perceivable risks. That is why we offer our community a 24 hours Locksmith service, seven days a week. We want you to know we´re always there for you.

Our Company only accepts certified and licensed professionals that stick to the highest standards of Arizona’s ROC terms and rules. You can look for our company: “Locksmith Komatke” at the Arizona ROC Search Engine.

A high number of Komatke Locksmith professionals have embraced the newest communication technologies and now work via the Internet. They can now digitally program keys and even perform replacement of your keys. These jobs could otherwise take a lot of time if it was only done in location. The World Wide Web allows for friendlier and faster key delivery. We can even perform changes in code numbered lock boxes, doors on cabinets, and create master keys.

We have experts that are always ready to help no matter the circumstance or length. Contact us right now. Our low prices are guaranteed, and all our services are done without a hassle. Your local locksmith here will help you save yourself from any trouble caused by locks or misplaced keys. Call from your home, office, or vehicle. We will be there for you.


Always leave a set of spare keys with a trusted friend, family member, or neighbor. Spare house keys will help you prevent any unfortunate lockout event that might negatively impact your day. Do not feel forced to break your door or climb through a window. These solutions are inconvenient and could result very expensive or dangerous for you. Our locksmiths can come where you are and quickly unlock your doors or create a duplicate set of keys whenever necessary.


We are the best technicians in the area and have a 24 Hour emergency service at your disposition. Our experts are highly trained and tactful, so they will help you at any time of day, no matter the location, and with the best customer service possible. They are well trained following the latest standards and practices, making them able to solve any lockout issues immediately and on site. Having a 24/7 locksmith available is one of the best things in the world, because it means you will no longer have to spend hours waiting around for someone to help you enter your home or vehicle.

Being locked out has stopped meaning you should lose your temper! We will be more than ready to immediately help you out of your unfortunate situation. We are not only certified and trained. Here at Locksmith Komatke we also seek to provide value for your money.


The hardworking members of our community do not want to deal with any unfortunate accidental event that prevent them from getting a good night rest. It does not matter what time it is, or if the weather is too cold or rainy. If you have an emergency, reach for your phone and call your trusted locksmith. Our friendly receptionist will dispatch a team of specialists to come to your rescue! No more huge sums of money for solving easy problems. Never think of damaging your vehicle again by breaking a windows. This will only cause more problems than it solves. With Komatke Locksmith, rest assured because you are in good hands.


The key to protecting your possessions is to have a good door and an even better door. It´s ok to try to make our homes perfect, but we should also focus on protecting them. Your unique safety needs can be covered with many of our locks and security solutions. Residential Locksmiths are here to offer you all types of residential locksmith solutions.



We want our customers to understand how vital it is to know who is working for your security and protection needs. As residents of this area, we all should only trust the best professionals of the industry. Our specialists are well trained and know all aspects of the locksmith industry. When you work with us, you can be one hundred percent sure that you are in the safest of hands. Care and discretion are what we aim for when we work for our clients, but we also make sure they are fully aware of every aspect of the procedure. This is the only place to go for all security needs.

Residential Locksmiths


No situation has less priority than others. That´s why we can help you out of any event you might experience. Maybe you just recently moved o a new home, or maybe you would like to upgrade your outdated doors. We are the only ones in the area who can provide all the necessary re-keying services. Old locks that are in great conditions can be serviced and rekeyed by us.

Professionals and specialists hereare extremely resourceful and well trained in the latest locksmith methods and technologies. They are able to complete any job you have for them. Having lost a key, or fearing that it might have been stolen, is something that can only be solved with a good locksmith. We can re-key any lock for you to help restore the feeling of safety only your home can provide. Residential Locksmith professionals are carefully trained to deal with the latest locking technologies and will never have a problem assisting you.


When properly maintained, a lock can have formidable working life. As long as the tumblers and pins inside the cylinder are functional, the lock will be fine. We have found that many customers throw away perfectly functional locks, only because they believe they are no longer useful. At times, a lock just needs to be serviced or repaired. Residential Komatke technicians can evaluate these for you and determine the course of action for your specific need.

Updating or upgrading locks is also a good choice when you want to increase your protection. The locksmith service can assist you in finding the locking and security solutions your home needs.

Our experts will bend over backwards to guarantee your complete satisfaction. They are skilled in every aspect of locking technologies and techniques. Residential Locksmiths know everything there is to know about the latest standards and practices of the industry.




We know you´re aware of all the risks and dangers that the modern world has. However, we want you to forget about them once you get home. At residential locksmiths Komatke, we offer the best products and security solutions that will make you forget about all your worries. Our experts offer you their helping hand to advise you and install the best lock that the market has to offer for your home.


Every room and area of your house requires not only a special security measure, but also a special door design and style. Fences, garage doors, storage units, and even basement entrances, all require certain locking systems and designs, each one different and with different functions and feels. Residential Locksmith Komatke is aware of this and will help you choose the best option for your home.

Custom made things really add value to your home. We know you love that added small detail or touch that makes something unique and your own. Visit our store or our online catalog and browse through our impressive door, locks, handles and knobs selection. We have classical styles combined with modern alloys and locking systems. Providing both beauty and protection to your house.

Visit our store today or call our specialist to come to your house to help you choose the best look and feel for your home. What are you waiting for? Look us up at Find A Locksmith under Residential Locksmith Komatke.


Commercial locking locks and mechanisms can substantially differ from other security systems depending on the location. When evaluating commercial locksmiths, you should ponder your overall security requirements and hire the correct professional for the job. You need someone with the knowledge of how to install these systems.

Commercial Locksmiths is a well-informed service in all aspects of commercial locksmith solutions. These Locksmith technicians will take care of all your safety needs, and surely make it their first priority to ensure your wellbeing and that of your employees and business.


Size is not an issue for us. Your company can be a tall sky scraper or a small corner store. But the highly skilled Commercial Locksmiths will supply services without a problem. We offer service to a wide range of commercial businesses. A great amount of effort goes into making your business productive, and to secure your hard work is essential to us. Any of your possessions, equipment, and files, whether it be tributary information or top classified reports, they are of great value to you. Therefore, the highly skilled Commercial Locksmiths Komatke experts offer you all types of solutions and skill sets to fulfill all of your needs.



Commercial Locksmiths

We compromise to provide you with all your re-keying solutions. If you have misplaced or lost your key, or even if you only would like a copy of it, our master locksmiths can solve this issue for you. This is a valuable and typical service. The Commercial Locksmith here has the experience and know-how to allow your business to flow as smoothly and as securely as possible. Do not forget our re-keying solutions offered for all organizations and businesses.

If the combination of the digital locking system isn’t functioning or the person has forgotten it, then a locksmith professional allows you to retrieve the code and gain access to the locker.


Excessive lock usage or even weather can cause locks to stop running properly. The aging and corrosion can render a lock useless, and this is a security issue that is often overlooked. It is vital that your lock is fully functional. Our locksmith, using the best maintenance methods can restore and re-key any of your old locks. If you think your lock to could be broken or worn out, contact one of our specialists immediately.

Locksmith in Komatke


Commercial Locksmiths

Remodeling your office, moving to a better and bigger building, or simply updating your locks, are jobs only for professional locksmith in Komatke. They can provide you with the best locksmith solutions and installation amenities. These Commercial Locksmith technicians use the best tools and technology to ensure that the locks are installed seamlessly. The Locksmiths here use the most up to date technologies to satisfy all your new installation requests.


Running a company or business is something that requires your full attention. Many business owners try to take care of all the details, and often realize they can’t. Security is something that needs to be addressed carefully. It is certainly desirable to know who has access to what information at all times, or be open to dangerous threats. To protect your office building or working venue from potential dangers, get your requirements met by us. They will provide you with the advice and solutions to hand you a complete control over the access to your vital assets without taking valuable working time.

Most of our technicians are now available via the web, and can service your protection needs via the Internet if you need instant attention. Our services include key cutting, including, but not limited to hard coded keys, high security locks and access, and copy righted or protected keys.

Our company is a registered and certified business, and of course part of the Association Locksmiths of America


Our other solutions include:

Biometric systems




It’s really late in the evening and you’ve been all day working until exhaustion, staring at your computer monitor and getting stressed by deadlines. You’re very tired and start walking to your car. It’s a cold night and you did not bring a heavy coat. You get to your car and your keys are not there. You search all over and ultimately notice your keys are still inside your car on the driver´s seat. Of course, you try the handle, but you know it’s locked. You really don’t want to split the windowpane, and breaking the window it out of the question. You don´t want to spend that much money. You wonder what other options are left. Instead of choosing these expensive and dangerous methods, contact our Automotive Locksmith team and save your money and time.


You might think your situation is too awkward to call anyone, but a professional emergency locksmith is prepared to help in any circumstance. We know that nothing is more cumbersome than losing or leaving your keys locked somewhere. To spare yourself the time and stress, call your trusted emergency Komatke Locksmith. For the Komatke area, automobile lockouts should no longer be something to be worried about. Our team will arrive swiftly. Our service is of course affordably priced, especially when compared to other alternatives.



Automotive Locksmiths

Automotive Locksmiths can provide with all your automobile and vehicle needs. In order to defend yourself against future emergencies with locks, consider letting a family or friend hold a key. This will allow you to count on an added level of precaution against lockouts. In the event you cannot afford this option, Store a key in a place where only you know where to look.


If you find yourself in the odious situation of having misplaced your key, or you believe that someone has stolen them. If you feel the safety of your car is in doubt, the skilled specialists at We can quickly change your ignition. People who need to create duplicate keys, or that require an added level of protection against illegal car access frequently use this service. We do provide this service for a highly affordable price.


If you are experiencing a lockout emergency, keep calm. The Automotive team will come to you instantly and work efficiently to get you back on your wheels in no time.

Please, review the full guide on the National Locksmith Association



It is difficult to think of anything that can have more stressfull effects in a person than realizing he or she have been locked out of his or her office or home. This huge inconvenience can turn any regular day to a sour ordeal in a matter of minutes. But there is something you can do. You need to call a locksmith that is reliable and has fast response times. Call our skilled Emergency technicians. They have an excellent 24/7 service that is quick, cost-effective, and can get you out of trouble in a second. So doubt no more. Contact the Emergency Service.


Emergency services are specialists that are available at all times. We know lockouts can occur at anytime, anyplace, and at the most inconvenient places. We’ve all been in that situation. Our round the clock service ensures that you no longer need to wait around for help. No matter what location or circumstance you got yourself in, Komatke Locksmith 24/7 Emergency services will get you out of it. Moreover, you do not need to fret about costly repairs or solutions. Give call center a call!

Emergency Locksmith Komatke



Emergency service here is actually a collection of professionals and experts who can effortlessly create new keys and duplicates for your needs. This gives you a prompt access to any place in your property you may need to enter. Many people do not realize that there is always a way to open a lock without resorting to costly or annoying methods. This is where our professionals can and will assist you by creating the new keys needed. You might think that making duplicates can be time consuming and expensive, but it is not. Experience it for yourself and ask Emergency Locksmith Komatke to make some spare keys for you today.


This is a service Emergency we offer for all our clients. Cars could be target of break in attempts, or maybe your cylinder is not working smoothly anymore. If you fear any of these situations, call us immediately. We are prepared to change your ignition and keys right away. Make sure your car is safe and secure for a long time. This is a much more efficient and reasonable alternative to buying a new vehicle. Our highly trained and prepared locksmiths can take care of the whole process in less than 60 minutes. This the best alternative in the area for ignition change.



24 Hour Locksmith Komatke

Lockout sucks no matter if you´re the owner or just a tenant. This unfortunate event is more common than you think, and you surely know a neighbor or two that has gone through a similar situation. Do not let this simple, but highly annoying, event ruin your whole day, making you lose time and money. Remember that we can help you out of this, no matter where in Komatke you happen to be. We offer on the spot re-keying, duplicates, and anything in between.

Our experts will arrive in less time than it will take you to force your lock, and will get you in your house in a timely manner. Get back on schedule and forget you ever had a problem.

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