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Helping our patrons to feel safe at home is one of the many things that keep our minds continuously creating new solutions and systems. We feel the safety of our community is in our hands, and we must be always ready. Our top priority is to keep our community and customers safe. At Locksmith Mesa, we believe safety is exceptionally important. We not only want to keep our community safe, but also our own families and friends. This is what motivates us to be the best in the industry. The first step you should take for electing a safety solution is to evaluate the type of defense you need. This can be taken as either a tiring and vast process, or just an exciting opportunity to know more about the new technology available for your home.

Nevertheless, style should not mean sacrificing your security, the same as defense should not mean sacrificing the aesthetics of your home. You will notice that they can complement each other. We only ask our illustrious clients to take a realistic valuation of their current security needs. You surely do not want to have all of your dear belongings to be taken by a person who has not worked for them. As a result, you should deliberate on your many defense needs and see what method works best for you. We will do their best to assist you.



We offer the broadest collection of services and the highest quality gear. Of course, all of our equipment is totally customizable and will be adapted to your specific needs. Our limitless supply of stylish and modern styles, combined with the newest technologies, will satisfy your most exigent wishes, We are here to help.


With us your security needs are sure to be completely covered. Knowing your safety is being taken care of by the best in the area, will certainly give you great peace of mind. Our expert technicians are absolutely customer oriented, and will take the uppermost care and treat you with respect, while safeguarding your safety and the correct functioning of your defense needs. We really place all our energy and skills on each project, to make sure our work is done as it should be. Trust the best professionals and take a major step to increase your safety. We are certain you want to trust the person next to you, and she knows what she´s doing. You will get all that and many more options with us.


Mesa Locksmith is the only store for all of your re-keying requirements. Allowing you to use a new key on your old lock, while rendering all other copies useless, is one of the simplest safety measures we offer. This is something new homeowners should always do, or that anyone going through a remodeling job should be sure of making. Our specialists can help you with any of your basic re-keying needs.


We know you are a practical person who does not like to throw time or money away. When our defenses are breached, we feel like we just tossed all our effort away. Never allow yourself to feel again at risk of losing everything just because there is a crack in your house or office security. Experts at Mesa Locksmith are the right people for any defense installation you want to get for your property. They will help you mount any security solution and other protection processes.

We are familiar with the widest selection of techniques to help you feel safe in our everyday lives. You might think you just need our services when you misplaced or lost a key. It happens. However, we can also duplicate keys on site when needed for your wellbeing.

The Locksmith Mesa is a group of experts that can help you in many types of situations.

Frequently, people want to get rid of locks that could work perfectly but are just a little rusty. Some do not service them on time and think they are broken or useless. Locks, like any other delicate mechanism, suffer from weathering and corrosion, constant use has a price too. Yet, locks are intended to be a lot more robust than many other objects. Often, a lock is not ruined; it just needs to be repaired or serviced. We will always examine and assess your locks, and tell you if they are damaged or just need to be serviced. If they can be fixed, we will help you save tons of money. Our main goal is to make certain your locks function as it should.

We will give you advice on how to choose the right lock for any of your security needs. We take care of the whole process. We assess, measure, prepare, drill, refit, and install any security solution you choose, Mesa Valley will achieve all and every assignment needed to get your home ready for any event.


Lock outs are one of the most inopportune events you can go through. Your whole day can be completely wrecked just because one makes a simple slipup. Moreover, lockouts can bring with them other less perceivable risks. Thinking of this, we offer our community a 24/7 emergency service, even on holidays. We want you to be sure we´re always there for you.

Our Industry will only accept certified and approved specialists that stick to the maximum standards of Arizona’s ROC terms and procedures. You can find our company: “Locksmith Mesa” at the Arizona ROC Search Engine.

A great number of Mesa professionals have been trained in the newest communication technologies and now work through the Internet. They can now digitally program computerized keys and even produce spare sets for your keys. These procedures typically could take a lot of time if it was only done in site. The World Wide Web allows you to have access to friendlier and faster key delivery services. We can even complete changes in code serialized lock boxes, doors on cupboards, and generate master keys.

We have experts that are constantly ready to help no matter the context or duration. Contact Locksmith Mesa right away. Our low prices are assured, and all our services are completed without trouble. Your local experts will help avoid having any trouble produced by locks or misplaced keys. Call from your cellphone, office, or vehicle. We will be there for you.

Permanently leave a set of replacement keys with a reliable friend, relative, or neighbor. Spare home keys will help you avert any inconvenient lockout event that might adversely impact your day. Do not resort to breaking your door or climbing through a tall window. These solutions are troublesome and could have very expensive or dangerous outcomes for you. Mesa Locksmiths can show up where you are and rapidly unlock your entrances or create a matching set of keys whenever needed.

Locksmith Mesa are the best specialists in the region and have a 24/7 emergency service at your disposition. They are highly proficient and discreet, so they will help you at any time of day, even on holidays, no matter where you are located, and with the best customer service there is. Our experts are also well trained making sure the latest standards and practices are followed, making them able to disentangle any lockout problems immediately and fast. Having a 24/7 locksmith available is one of the best things you can ask for, because it means you will never again have to employ endless hours waiting around for help just to enter your home or automobile.

Being locked out no longer means you will lose your temper! We at Locksmith Mesa will make sure you are immediately helped out of your unfortunate situation. We are not only specialized and competent. Here at Mesa Locksmiths we also pursue to provide value for your cash.

The hardworking people in our community do not need to deal with any unfortunate and accidental incident, much less one that would prevent them from attaining a good night rest. Never mind the time or weather. If you have a crisis, take your phone and call your favorite locksmith. Our friendly, and customer oriented receptionist will send a team of specialists to your rescue! No more enormous sums of cash for solving easy complications. Never think of scarring your vehicle again by smashing a window. You do not need any more problems in your day. With Mesa Locksmiths, rest confident because you are in noble hands.


We can provide you with the best services in the Mesa area. We are specialized in doors installation and service, products for security systems, locks, padlocks, handles, and also consultation regarding everything about residential security. We can also offer you emergency with a 24/7 emergency service, replacement, maintenance, re-keying, duplication, intercoms, closed circuit systems, access control systems and much more. Visit our store or browse our webpage if you want to know more about our work and lock relational variety

Your doors are one of the most important elements of your house, since they control the access to it. Both exterior and interior doors contribute to protect the safety of your family, and efficiency and beauty of your home. For instance, they are the only thing that separates what is inside your house with the outside world, like your private living space and possessions, keeping strangers and undesired visitors away. On the other hand, they also control the movement and flow inside a house, determining how easily people can move inside the building. They also help you create a climate inside your home according to your desires; it could be as warmer or as colder as you would like it to. Finally, the front door can be really important since is what the people see the first time they’re entering to your house. Some people have to front doors; it’s a good idea to be safer.

We really understand why doors and locks are that important, and they offer their services to help you choose the best security choose for your house and your family members. They are trained to be customer oriented, meaning that they will listen to your words properly before making any suggestion or decision. No two homes are equal, and yours surely has unique safety needs that could be satisfied by us. Visit our store or continue searching in our page to find out more about our residential safety solutions.



Good locks can give you peace of mind since they can be safer than normal locks. A good locksmith can provide you with a good lock. Also, a good locksmith can do a properly installation of all the security systems you would need, giving you a pleasant feel of security. That’s what we look in our company, letting your know that you are safe is one of our goals and we will delighted to work for it until you feel satisfied.

We work with the best technology and instruments to do it as well. Since our professional technicians are skilled locksmith, they need instruments that could go along with their skills, leading to a well done job, and that’s what customers deserve, a well done job.


It’s a common situation, losing your keys or just getting it broken by accident. Maybe you just mislead it or someone took it away, in those cases, you really need a re-keying service. We can offer you a very reliable re-keying service that will do the job in no time, without the slightest mistake. We have the capacity to do so, at any time, at any moment, so don’t hesitate to call us.

Rekeying is a simple word, but duplicating a key it’s something different. Sometimes, when talking about old locks, the original key get to a point that it can’t even open the lock. In those cases, you need a new original key, because the lock has just changed with the passing of time.


Locks are pieces of engineering, and they could get broken with a bad treating or just with the flowing of time. Our residential locksmiths can give service to your lock, to let it work properly for a more considerable time.

You must pay attention, because the lock can show some signs of deteriorating, like being hard to put in the key, or perhaps just twitching they key is hard. The lock usually gets jammed, or its sometimes doesn’t get closed. A well-treated lock can last years or even decades if you take good care of them. Our experts know how to bring life to the outdated locks just by a little bit of service, since they are professionals in the job and will do it in no time.

Never try to repair a lock yourself. That could lead to a bad result, like damaging it permanently, leading to a waste of money and a stress time for you. You don’t have to live that, since we can do the job for you. Just pay attention to the small signs your lock is giving you and call us right when you feel your lock is not working as smoothly as before and we will take care of the problem for you.


Security is really important in the daily life. Here, we make sure to have the most up-to-date lock technology available for you, since they provide the best secure protection. Our experts will advise you and will install the desired and needed lock for you, making sure it works properly and smoothly and that you can take a full advantage of its capacity. Make sure to call us to get your free quote, you don’t have to be afraid.


Apart of saving you and your family’s safety, locks can also protect your privacy. Documents, pictures, everything you would need to protect could be protected by one of our locks. We can provide you with a simple lock that could do the job for you, and of course, you will the only one with the key, just if you want.


Locks that are designed for commercial institutions and important establishments have different purposes that differ greatly from those used in residential environments. Commercial locksmiths offer an excellent variety of security solutions to help you to protect your house, office or working environment while leaving the necessary flexibility for customization. Visit our store or continue browsing this page to learn more about our commercial security solutions and variety of locks.

A Door can determine how much difficult it is to access to certain rooms or departments inside your company venue, office building, industrial facility, or institution. This means that they usually regulate the flow of the activity inside the building, and that’s something really important. So you need to make sure that your doors and locks are placed correctly according to the needed purpose of each access point they help protect in order to maintain maximum efficiency inside the building.

The nature of the business environment makes locks even more efficient and important than any other setting. They can help you by protecting vital areas of your business, as well as the lives of your valuable employees, and that’s surely something you have to take care about. Never let your company´s important assets or your personnel unprotected, it could lead to a horrible situation. Our commercial locksmiths offer you the perfect solution that the market can just offer you, including doors and locks, and some other services like: gates, intercoms, panic bars. We also provide you with: access control systems, television systems, closet circuit system and of course, keyless security solutions especially tailored to you and your business´ needs.


We are sure that your company is the company of your life, product of your hard work and your time, and of course we want to help you to protect the efforts you put in it. Commercial skilled technicians will be more than delighted to assist and help you; giving you advices on what security services you need the most for your company. They are trained to be customer oriented, meaning that they will only give you their advices as a professional locksmith after they had listened to your requirements and needs. They can perform an assessment analysis of your venue to evaluate the potential weak and strong points of your security systems. This will help you to know about how to improve it before deciding onto any security system. Something you have to know is that you follow those instructions, you will be surely saving money, and in the worst case, time. Some companies give expensive security systems that sometimes, don’t do the job properly, giving to us locksmiths a bad reputation. Only a skilled and expert locksmith can tell what you really need, and what should you get. They will advise about your best choice.



In a company is impossible for you to do the entire job, that’s why you need your employees help. There’s always a situation where you have to lend a key from a specific place to someone, and sometimes, that someone lose it, or a worst scenario, made a copy of it. When that happens, you can count on us and our re-keying service. Locksmiths know very well how to do the job, modifying the pins and tumblers inside the lock´s cylinder; it will make the other keys useless. Then they can give you a new set of keys that will effectively open that lock for you. This clears all doubts you might have about who what the one with the duplicated key to an important zone of your workplace.


Commercial locks are usually more resistant and strong that common locks, making them more durable with the passing of time. However, they still need some service, not every day, but regularly, in order to keep them working properly for years or even decades. Keep an eye on your locks and be wary of signs of wear or damage. You do not want to suffer the situation where you get locked out just because a lock got jammed or broken. You mustn’t try to repair or service a lock by yourself. Doing so, it might cause it to malfunction or even harm it permanently, leading to a waste of money.


After you choose the best locking system for your company, our experts will install all of them in a very short time. Our services are always performed quickly and discreetly, allowing your company to remain operational and uninterrupted. Our experts will also install panic bars, keyless or electronic locks, access control systems and closed circuits cameras and monitors.


In a working environment where a lot of people use keys to access common areas, it is really usual that some keys get lost or broken. Only with your authorization, new sets of keys can be ordered. Just provide us with your unique code and the needed quantity, and it will be delivered to your workplace in no time. We of course can guarantee a 100% flawless duplicate of the key. Do not let amateur locksmiths create duplicates of your keys; any difference could be really harmful. Any flaw could damage your lock or render it useless, and you would have wasted money for that. Also, as another possible situation: small fragments of metal left by inexperienced locksmiths could get stuck inside the locks mechanism, jamming the pins and damaging the lock, leading it to malfunctions and a possible leave it useless-

Our company is registered and licensed business and a part of Association Locksmiths of America


We offer 24/7 emergency lockout services that include unlocking service, and rekeying and replacement of locks. We also offer expert counseling especially aimed at companies looking for an increase in protection of some areas. We also provide:

Installations of security keyless security systems

Setups for master suites

Advices for security systems

And also, emergency call lines


We provide you the most efficient and greatest vehicle lock services in the area. We specialize in trunk locks, ignition cylinders, door locks, and other automotive services like anti-theft security measures such as wheel camps, steering wheel locks, and even fuel caps. We also perform emergency unlocks, we provide a re-keying service, ignition cylinder replacement and duplicate creation, as fast as we could be. Visit our store or search for our website to know more details about our automotive security products and solutions. Don’t be shy to do it.

A big number of people fear that technicians will take a very long time fixing even the smallest problem, or that they would ruin the car. Most of the time, they just think that it is too expensive to pay. A professional locksmith knows that locks are there to protect your safety and your most important possessions. Your car is definitely one of them. We promise 100% satisfaction as they are the only locksmiths in the area with a 24/7 emergency automotive locksmith service, a rekeying solution service, flawless key replacement service and we can even do ignition replacement service right on the spot, and the best part is that it can be done at every moment, no matter the place. All our services are done with the integrity of your car´s interior and paint finish in mind, so you don’t have to worry for that. As we already said, we guarantee 100% satisfaction for our work.


There is nothing as horrible as finding yourself locked out of your vehicle away from home. After a busy day at work being away from home, or an afternoon at a shopping mall, or perhaps a travel, all you want to do is probably get inside your car and go home as fast as you could. But as start walking down the parking lot, you start trying to figure out where did you put your keys when you locked the car door, but did you even lock your car at all? It is right when you look through your car window that you realize that your keys are still hanging from the ignition, and you don’t know how to get them.

We know exactly how do you feel when these situations comes up and we can provide you with the best and most trustful emergency service in the area. You don’t have to break a window, trying to unlock the car with wires or other so-called solutions found on the internet, don’t take the risk. You just don’t want to have your window replaced or to pay for a paint job just because you didn’t know what to do with the problem. Save your time, your money and your possessions just by calling our professional locksmiths. Our 24/7 emergency Locksmith in Mesa service includes a reliable unlocking service, and we also have a rekeying service and a lock replacing service. It does not matter what problem, we can solve a problem with the ignition of your car, a door locked problem, whatever. Our technicians will open it as fast as possible and they will give you a copy key if is necessary.



If you really want to avoid the stress of a vehicle lockout situation, you should have an extra set of keys in a safe place. We are equipped with state of the art equipment that gives them the capacity to create duplicates of keys of any brand and type, in any place, at any time. Just make sure to order the required keys indicating what kind and model of key do you need and we will make sure you get a perfect copy of it. We can guarantee that it will work very well and will leave no any damage and residues inside the locks. Make sure that your key duplicating job is done by a professional locksmith. A bad duplicated key could really harass your lock. Bad duplicates could permanently damage them, and you won’t have another choice than replacing it.

You can also have your copy of the key shared with someone close to you, like a friend, or a family member.


With the passing of time, the cylinder that unlocks the ignition can stop working properly or just get broken. If you notice your keys stop entering as it used to, or that you have to force the key in order to start your car, it is time to replace that old ignition. We offer their experts skilled hands to service or replace your vehicle´s ignition. Our experience and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee a fast and smoothly installation and total attention for your car statement. You don’t have to worry about a technician damaging out your paint job or your car´s interior. We understand the love an owner has for his or her car, that’s why we completely have a special care when performing an ignition replacement in your car. Our reliable locksmiths will complete a total ignition replacement in a blink of an eye, allowing you to be back on the road in no time.


We have extremely specialized experts that repair, unlock, and can even re-key any door in a matter of minutes. They can get you out of any uncomfortable situation related to locks, padlocks, or doors with ease. There’s no small or big problem for us. We can offer you our expert help at any time, at any place or situation that will get you out of any problem you´re having with a lock.

Whenever you urgently need the services of a Locksmith in Mesa, it must be because you got locked out of your home, automobile or office. One possible situation is this one: you are coming out of your office late at night and, as you are walking down the parking lot, you realize you do not remember taking your keys out of the car when you arrived. Or possibly, you´re coming out from a restaurant or your favorite store, and you remember you left the keys on the table, but when you go back to get them, you notice there are no signs of your keys. Any of these can be really grim situations. Other not so common cases like getting home and sticking your keys inside the front door lock, just to hear how it breaks inside the cylinder, can really mess up your day.


All these situations are extremely frustrating, stressing and can put you in hassle, and they normally mean that the rest of the day is going to be ruined or wasted. We understand how people feel and can get when they are locked out for any of these reasons and are more than prepared to solve these situations as fast as possible. We will take care of the problem the second you call us. We will limit our questions to your current location and event, to do it faster, giving you advice on what to do while our expert arrives. We want you to feel you´re not alone and that there are people looking after you right when you need them and they will get rid of the problem.


Losing your key can be something that could alter or slow down your agenda for the whole day, or for a lot of time. And we all know how hard is to find a lost key, it can take all the day and could ruin an otherwise productive day of work. Our experts are always able to help you at any time when you´re unable to find the keys to your home, office or car. Just call us and an expert will go straight where you are and will make a set of duplicate keys for your lock right on the spot, in no time. Fast and inexpensive, just like that. They have the equipment, the technology and the knowledge to solve all kind of situations without having to reschedule any of your important appointments or meetings for the day, so you don’t have to worry about that.


Your car´s ignition is a precise and important piece of engineering. It is also subject to a lot of tension, friction and movement as the key has to be turned in every time you want to start your car. It is normal then that it presents signs of deteriorating with time. If your ignition gets broken inside the ignition, or if it gets trapped, you must immediately call for one of our locksmiths. Never try to fix it by yourself because you might cause greater harm, it could cost you. To avoid having to pay more than you have, contact your trusted emergency locksmith Mesa and our technicians will arrive really fast. Our expert will repair your ignition cylinder, re-key it or replace it in no time. They got all the necessary skills, tools and knowledge to do a perfect job very quickly without problems.



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Being locked out of your office or home is not to be taken lightly, and It can result to a loss of time and money. Whether you mislead your keys, you left them inside, or if your lock is jammed or broken, you should call for your local locksmith immediately. Do not waste time and money calling just anyone who claims being a locksmith, go for the safe road and call us. Chances are you´re about to be scammed by con artists that give us, locksmiths a bad reputation. Only our emergency Locksmith in Mesa can offer you an expert, skilled, customer-oriented, and a cost-effective 100% guaranteed emergency locksmith work. Do not hesitate to contact us, and always have our numbers at hand just to be sure. Remember, we will solve your problems at any time, at any moment.

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