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We are always looking for new and better security measures to satisfy our customers’ needs. Ensuring the safety of an entire community is not an easy task, but we have dedicated our efforts in creating new methods and procedures to make your home, commerce and vehicle safer. Our main concern is your security, your family’s and your most valuable possessions. We assess your weaknesses, strengths and necessities in order to determine the most appropriate security measures. This is not an easy task, but we do it gladly, because you are our number one priority. We is here to help you and find the most practical solutions to your4 security needs. Call us and me will make sure you, your beloved ones and belongings are safe.

Sometimes we sacrifice security because we think it is more important, having a stylish place or commerce is important, but security is more important. Security and style may come hand in hand; you do not need to sacrifice one or the other. We will help you secure your house, business and car and provide you with style. We take into consideration all your security requirements before determining your security needs.



Locksmith New River offers different first-class security services; we have a wide variety of security systems that will endure the safety of your home, company and automobile. We are able to customize and personalize our products in order to fulfil your requests and necessities.


Locksmith New River will always make sure you feel safe. We will take care of your most singular needs and wishes. Our professionals will do everything they can in order to protect you. They are experts as well as respectful. We have experience, tools and the knowledge to do our job properly, efficiently and effectively. You can rest assured that our locksmiths are the best in the New River area. You get risk-free service, protection and high-quality security systems.


We offer you all our lock services. We are able to solve all your lock problems in a considerably short period of time. Locksmith in New River offers you their re-keying service. If you feel your lock is no longer safe and it does not keep intruders away because you lost or misplaced your key or because you are concern someone made a duplicate of your key, call our professional locksmith and ask for our re-keying service. We change the configuration of your locks and provide you with brand new keys.


We have the most diverse lock services. We make sure you have all the possibilities at your disposal to secure your place and belongings. We know that your possessions are valuable for you and your family that is why we want to make our contribution and offer you all our services. We can provide you with all sorts of locksmith services; re-keying, lock repair, lock replacement, lock installation, burglar alarms, closed circuit television video systems, all kinds of safes and more. We have from the simplest to the most complex and advanced security measures to make your home, commerce and car more secure.

Call our locksmiths and we will make an exhaustive evaluation to determine what you need.

Locksmith in New River has the experience, expertise and means to deal with all sorts of security problems.

We can assist you with your locks problems. Ignorance can make you do silly things, like throwing away a functional lock. Very often, people get rid of locks that were thought to be useless, when in fact the only needed servicing. We your locks present problems and the give you a hard time, or when you are not sure about a lock, call us, we will take a close look and evaluate your locks, we will tell you if it needs replacing or servicing. We can provide you with both replacing and servicing. Actually, we can offer you other practical solutions.

If you are totally redecorating your current home, have bought a completely new property or have bought an recent house for reselling, in all these items you will undoubtedly need set of recent locking mechanisms. The Locksmith New River not solely assists you to settle on the right fairly lock for your house, he additionally sets up it appropriately and guarantees that the lock sets up flawlessly.

We can re-key, repair and replace your locks. We can craft fresh keys and provide you with different locks. High security locks, biometrical locks, combination locks, and more.


You must choose Locksmith because we are the best locksmith company in the New River area. Our locksmiths are trained and have the most advanced tools and machinery to solve any of your locksmith and security issues. They will make sure they satisfy all your needs and find practical solutions.

We offer you our 24/7 emergency service. We will answer your call and send someone to you immediately. We deliver our services anytime, anywhere as long as it is in the New River area.

Our emergency service will not only assist you at all hours and everywhere. Our 24/7 emergency service offers you all we have. All lock services: lock repair, lock installation, lock maintenance, locks replacement, lock re-keying, etc. we offer our key cutting service as well.

We help you with every single aspect of your life. We help you with your automotive, commercial and residential issues. We want to make you feel safe, so we design all kinds of measures and services to secure you, your family and assets.

Our emergency automotive service includes lock-outs, lock repair, lock installation, lock maintenance, lock replacement and lock re-keying. Additionally, we offer solutions to your ignition problems as well; ignition repair, ignition replacement, re-keying, ignition installation and key duplicates.

Our residential service includes everything you can imagine in order to secure your home, beloved ones and possessions. We have all lock services, from installation to re-keying. We can help you with all kinds of locks; mortise locks, biometrical locks, combination locks, gate locks, cabinet locks, window locks, etc. we think of everything in order to offer you security. Besides, we work with all kind of key services as well; key removal, key duplicate, key cutting, transponder keys, etc. we have it all.

Our commercial service includes all locksmith solutions, from lock restoration to key cutting. We think of everything and we want to ensure your safety, as well as your employees’ and possessions. For you commercial needs, Locksmith in New River offers a wide variety of security solutions, from the simplest ones to the most advanced high security measures. We have at your disposal a big number of safes; different sizes, models, brands and security levels. We have cash safes, gun safes, wall safes, jewelry safes and floor safes. For ultimate protection we offer fire resistant safes, water resistant safes and explosion resistant safes. Additionally, we offer CCTV camera systems, fire & burglar alarms with optional monitoring services, access control systems with optional integrated video, intercoms and more. We have everything to offer you uttermost protection.

You must choose Locksmith because we have the widest array of security solutions for you. Al our effort is focused on your wellbeing, because we want to give you the best and most advanced security options. We are your number one choice. You may rest assured that you, your beloved ones and your most appreciated possessions are safe. You can have it for quite affordable prices and you will never be let down and you will never be disappointed.


Good locks are essential to protect your house and therefor, your family and possessions. If your locks are fragile, then your safety might be compromised. We offer their locksmith services. We can install, repair, service and replace your locks. Besides, we offer you our key cutting and re-keying services. We have everything you need to keep your house safe.



Knowing that you have bad quality locks and that they are fragile can make you nervous and put you under a lot of stress. You must do something about it. You must have the best locks in the industry. Good locks mean that you are able to protect your family and your most valuable possessions. Residential New RiverLocksmith offers you their high-quality locksmiths; they have the most advanced lock systems in the industry. Besides, their locksmiths have the tools, knowledge and experience to install our locks. If you contact us, we will make a fortress out of your house, you will have the safest place in town.


Old locks can be problematic as well, especially when they do not have regular maintenance. We recommend you service your locks on a regular basis if you want to secure your place. However, there are other options apart from servicing or installation; you can re-key your locks.

If you think someone has made a duplicate of your key or a member of your family lost their key, you will need to do something immediately. Rather than having your lock replaced, which will cost you some money, you can simply have your lock re-keyed. Re-keying is to change the configuration of the locks. Our locksmiths can re-key your lock in an instant and provide you with a brand new key.


It is known that old locks do not offer the best protection, it is important to give them regular and proper maintenance. Old locks tend to give you hard times and they stop working at inopportune times. There are some common signs that tell you that your old lock needs to be repaired. Sometimes keys get stuck or they do not turn easily; maybe your lock needs lubrication. Other times, the key turns but it does not work; it may be caused by cold weathers; locks are frozen and need to be defrosted. Also, the latch does not engage and it makes it impossible to lock the door, or the latch gets stuck. If your lock shows any of these signs, you must call a locksmith. Residential New River Locksmith knows these problems have solutions; they will give you the best service and they will repair your old locks.

Sometimes we have to get rid of those old locks. If you are remodeling your house, it is a good idea to change old locks and install more advanced and stylish locks. We have a wide range of locks for you to choose from.

Contact us and get your old locks repaired or replaced, we guarantee 100% satisfaction.


If you need or want to change your locks because they are very old, because they are broken and past repair or because you are remodeling your house and you wish to have fancier and better locks, call us. Our locksmiths will assist you and determine which locks you need and which locks bet fit you.


We has the best products, services and security systems in the market. No other locksmith company can match our knowledge, experience, methods and fees. We are your number one choice. We deliver all kinds of locksmith and security solutions. We can help you secure your fences, basement, and furniture. We basically make your entire house a safer place.

You can come to our head office and check our wide-ranging gallery, we are sure you will find what you need.

You are more than welcomed to check if we are listed at Find A Locksmith and search for us under: Residential Locksmith New River

If you do not find something suitable, we offer our customized and personalized service. We will make what you need in order to meet your requirements and necessities. Call Residential New RiverLocksmith and turn your house into a safer place.


Commercial security needs differ greatly from other types of security systems due to the fact that the security level needs are different. A home does not always require the same security measures that are used in a company. Sometimes, these security measures also differ depending on the type of business. A shop for example does not require the same security actions a bank would need. We knows about this and the want to provide you with the best security services for your business.

Our locksmiths are trained and have the practice and knowledge to assess your security needs. They are able to determine what security measures best suit you. Contact us and we will find the best solutions for you.


WE offer you the best security measures for your company. It does not matter how big or small your company is, we will deliver give you the best options and the best service. It does not matter how ambitious your security plan is, we are up to the task. We have cutting-edge products, the most advanced machinery and up-to-date technologies to secure your business. We will make sure your most valuable possessions are safe. We offer you all kinds of safes, burglar and fire alarms, access control systems with integrated video, monitored closed circuit television video and all sorts of electronic security systems.


Commercial New River Locksmith also offers their re-keying service. Re-keying is a very simple procedure; a locksmith changes the tumbler configuration of a lock and makes a new key so the new key can operate the lock, whereas the old lock will be unable to operate it. This procedure is useful when a person loses the key, misplaces the key, or believes somebody reproduced it without their consent. Our locksmiths are able to re-key your locks and provide you with a new key.


Old locks sometimes wear out and stop working properly. If a lock does not work properly, it might compromise your safety and your possessions. Malfunctioning locks means they are weak, and weak locks means weak security. You cannot afford to have weak locks, your safety and your belongings will be in danger. In order to avoid having weak locks, Commercial New RiverLocksmith offers their lock servicing service, they will service your locks and make them work as new. Proper and regular maintenance will help you secure your business.


Sometimes your old locks cannot be repaired anymore. They may be too damaged and repairing will not suffice in order to secure your business. If your locks are useless, we recommend you have new locks installed. We have a wide variety of locks at your disposal. We have high security locks, gate locks, mortise locks and more. We are sure we will find something that suits your necessities. Our experts will install your brand new locks in no time and they will make sure they are properly installed. They have the most advanced equipment and long years of practice.


WE offer a wide variety of different services. We can help you with your lock-out problems, we can install, repair, service and replace all kinds of locks for your business, we can re-key your locks and we can assess your security needs and find feasible solutions. We also offer you our key cutting and replacement service. We are able to provide you with new keys, and we can provide you with spare keys. We have the best key cutting machines that will ensure the making of exact duplicates. Some locksmith companies offer their key cutting services but they do not have the right tools or machinery, so their keys do not work properly, making customers spending more money to get a good duplicate.

In addition, we replace your locks. If your locks are out of date or you are remodeling your office, it is a good option to get your locks replaced. We have a great number of locks at your disposal. Once you have selected the lock you want, we will send someone immediately to get it installed.

Our locksmiths are professionals. You may rest assured that they will get the job done effectively and efficiently.


We also offers you their 24/7 emergency services. All our products and services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Additionally, we work with transponder keys, biometric locks and key-less accessibility systems.


Automotive Locksmith New River is here to solve your car lock-out problems. Our locksmiths are here to offer you practical and affordable solutions. Imagine it is very late and it has been a particularly long day. You go outside your workplace to head home and as you walk towards your car you feel your pocket for your car keys. It is odd because they are not where you usually place them. You try your other pockets but nothing, you do not have them. You immediately feel something is wrong, what if you left the keys inside the car? What if you locked yourself out? You reached to your car and see through the driver’s window, and to your horror, the keys are placed in the ignition switch. You know you have locked yourself out but still you try all the handles. Nothing. Instead of breaking the window, which will definitely make you spend a lot of money to replace it, call our emergency automotive locksmiths, they will be with you in a minute to unlock your car.


Sometimes we find ourselves in very inconvenient, awkward and uncomfortable situations like losing your car keys or car lock-outs in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere with little cash and no idea what to do. Automotive New River Locksmith can solve these problems for you at reasonable prices no matter where you are or what the time is. Our locksmiths will be at your location in no time to offer you practical solutions; unlocking, key duplication, ignition repair or ignition replacement. They do everything you need.


Our locksmiths have all kind of locksmith solutions. If you lost your key or believe someone stole or make a duplicate, we can re-key your lock. Re-keying is changing the lock configuration so former keys cannot work it. We will make you a new key for you. You do not need to worry; we find practical solutions to any of your lock and security problems.


Locks can be changed as well as your ignition. If you are having trouble with your ignition, call us and worry no more. If you cannot turn or it turns but the engine does not crank, or if the engine does crank but you still cannot start the car, our experts will change your ignition. Whatever happens with your key, we offer and deliver solutions.

Old locks tend to give people a hard time; they need to be serviced from time to time. Proper maintenance can make locks last longer and offer more protection. Automotive New River Locksmith offer their lock servicing service, we guarantee 100% satisfaction. Your car will be secured and you will not need to worry about someone stealing it.

We are a certified and registered locksmith company; you can look us up on theNational Locksmith Association.



Realizing you have locked yourself out of your own house or office can be very stressing. It makes you feel bad about yourself and puts you under a lot of pressure. This can turn your day into a nightmare. Under such circumstances you will need assistance; you will need an experienced locksmith. Call Emergency Locksmith New River and request our 24/7 emergency service, we will be at your location in a matter of seconds. We will solve your lock-out problem and provide you with the stability you need.

Our professional locksmiths are always available for you. We are her to give you a hand. We know that lock-outs are very common and they can happen anytime, anywhere. Lots of people have experienced lock-outs and they have turned to us to request our 24/ emergency service. We know how to handle lock-outs and they will find the most practical solution for you. No need to worry anymore about expensive fees, we do not charge excessively high fees.


We made of a group of trained specialists who are able to provide you with an extra or new key for your door or ignition. Having an extra key is very advantageous, if you lock yourself out, you will have another key to get into your car. If you lost your key or someone stole it from you, we can make you a new key. As you can see, we offer you viable solutions to your key and lock-out problems. You do not hate to come up with crazy and expensive ideas anymore.


If you do not want to have a new key made because you lost your key and you fear someone might steal it, we offer you our ignition services. We are able to change the ignition of your car and provide you with a new key. If you wish to get a spare key, we will provide you with it as well, we are able to change your ignition and give you a new key on the spot because we have advanced tools and our vehicles are fully equipped. Changing the ignition is a very effective solution; only you will have a key and you may rest assured that your car will be safe.



We takes their emergency service to all levels. We can solve your car lock-outs as well as you residential and commercial lock-outs. We will offer you all our services; unlocking, re-keying, lock installation, lock change, lock repair, lock replacement, key duplicate, and most advanced security systems such as safe installation, CCTV systems, alarms, intercoms, access control, and more.

We have a wide variety of products and services to provide you with the highest security standards. We can deal with all sorts of security issues. Emergency Locksmith New River is your number one choice when you want to make your car, home or residence safer. Our locksmiths are experts who have years of experience and the best attitude to comply.

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