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In this profession, our job is never done. If we aren’t helping customers physically, we’re helping them behind the scenes. As professionals in this industry who care about the work we do, we are constantly thinking of new ways to better serve the communities. How can we provide better services? What are some new technologies that we can utilize? Our top priority is keeping our communities and customers safe.

At our shop, we understand how important security is. We want to not only keep you safe, but also our own families, and that is what drives us to be the best at what we do. The first step in picking security is evaluating and assessing what type of security system you need. This can be a tiring and overwhelming process. We are here to help.

We implore our customers to take a necessary step back and assess their actual security needs. Why have all of these expensive belongings and possessions if you can’t protect them? It’s pointless. That is why it is important to consider all various security needs and systems. We can assist you.



We offer a variety of tools, services, technologies, and hardware that can be customized to suit your security needs. So no matter what you desire, Peoria Valley is there to help.


With us, you can guarantee that you are always safe and working with the best of the best. Our specialists take the utmost care when it comes to dealing with customers and their specific needs. We never rush. We never quit. We are fully insured, licensed, and bonded, so you are always only working with true professionals.

You can always feel safe and rest assured that you are being taken care of. Our technicians take the utmost care and respect in ensuring your safety and the functionality of your security needs. We take our time on each job so that each job is done properly and efficiently. Working with trusted professionals is a major step in feeling safe. You want to know that the person working with you can be trusted and is a highly trained professional. You get all that and more with us.


Peoria Locksmith is the one-stop-shop for all of your re-keying needs. This relatively simple process allows the technician to change the lock so a new key can fit, making the previous key obsolete and no longer usable. This is beneficial for new homeowners. The experts at Peoria Locksmith can help you with all of your re-keying needs.


Would you throw away money? Of course not. Well that’s what you’re doing when you leave your possessions unsecured. And unprotected. You should never ignore the importance of good security, especially when it comes to your possessions. The professionals at Peoria Locksmith are the perfect people to help you install your security systems and other safeguarding measurements.

Peoria Locksmiths utilize a selection of techniques to help us in our daily activities. We often see that people just need our services because they misplaced or lost a key. It happens. We can duplicate keys on site when needed for your convenience.

We experienced in these types of situations.

Far too often, we see people throwing away perfectly good locks because of the belied that it was broken. That’s not always the case. Locks experience wear and tear just like anything that is used all the time, like shoes and tires. However, locks are a lot stronger than people believe. Sometimes, a lock is not broken; it just needs to be serviced and fixed. Peoria Locksmiths will always investigate and evaluate the true damage to the lock before suggesting a replacement. We can usually fix the lock and that saves you a lot of money. Our goal is to ensure that the lock functions properly.

We can help you with picking the right lock for whatever your security needs could be. Peoria Valley will always perform every essential task that is associated with lock installations and repairs.


Being locked out is inconvenient. No way around it. Nothing feels worse than having to rearrange your whole day because a simple mistake or misplaced item. Being locked out comes with risks. That is why we have a 24 Hour service that is always there when you need it.

We are a licensed Peoria company and registered with the highest standards of Arizona’s ROC terms and guidelines. You can look us up with “Locksmith Peoria” Arizona ROC Search Engine

Peoria professionals that work via the Internet. This allows for our technicians to digitally program keys and perform key replacement services that could otherwise take more time if a customer had to wait for someone to come service them on location. The Internet service allows for easier and faster key delivery as opposed to manual delivery. Other key cutting services include keys for code numbered lock boxes, cabinets, doors, and Master Keys.

We are always ready to help you no matter the circumstance. Contact us immediately. We guarantee to offer affordable and hassle free services. Call your local locksmith and save yourself the trouble. Home, office, and auto. We will do it all.

Helpful tip for our customers: it is a good idea to leave a set of spare keys with a trusted family member or friend. Leaving a spare key with a trusted neighbor prevents having to break and climb through a window, or other expensive and unnecessary solutions. We can quickly make you a duplicate set of keys whenever necessary as soon as you call.

Our shop offers  –24 Hour technicians that are available to help you at any time of day, no matter the location. Our locksmiths are educated and prepped in the best standard of practices and can solve any lockout issues on site. Having a 24/7 locksmith means no longer having to spend hours waiting around to be helped when you should be home or travelling the road. Your time is important. These immediate 24/7 services save you time and money.

If you have been locked out, stop worrying! Our specialist team will get to you immediately and help you with everything you need. Not only are we certified and trained, here at Peoria, we always provide give your money’s worth in service. Just call our team and we’ll be there in a flash.


Having a good security system for your home is important and should be well thought out. Security needs change depending on the size of the home and what the customer wants. What may work for you probably won’t work for your neighbor or friend. That is why it is best to fully assess your specific needs and figure out what you want for yourself. There are a variety of security options out there for you to choose from. Locksmiths are the trusted professionals you should call for all your locking needs. We offer all types of residential locksmith solutions.



You can feel at peace when you work with one of our technicians. We have great customer service and come fully certified and bonded so you are only working with the top of the line professionals. Working with professionals is only one part to being at ease. We can provide you with high quality locks and full procedural guidelines for whatever we install or set up. We believe in full transparency and make sure our customer’s are always in the know about what is going on,


We can provide re-keying services at your convenience. Whether you just bought a new home or want to update locks, we can help. We can provide you with new keys.

Our Residential professionals use plenty of tools and techniques to update locks on old homes. If keys are lost, misplaced, or broken, we can build new keys. Re-keying is a simple process that creates duplicate keys. Our locksmiths are skillfully trained in this technology and are willing to assist you.


When properly maintained, locks last for a long time. Many of our customers believe that buying new locks is the only solution. A simple lock fix is all that is needed. Our experts suggests fixing the lock before trying to replace it. What’s important is that the lock works safely and properly.


If you are in the process of remodeling your home, new locks may be needed. Our 24 Hour service can assist you in finding the best locks and security needs for your home.

We guarantee complete satisfaction from the evaluation to the installation. Our locksmiths are trained in all every aspect of locking and security needs. We are up to date and skilled in the latest and greatest technological standards and practices.


In addition to home entryways, fences, storage units, and basements all require locks, each one varying on the type of set up, framework, and security needed. Our technicians can assist you in choosing the best locking system for your exterior and storage needs.

Custom locks look great, but don’t always perform well. Using custom made locks does not always guarantee safety. Just because it’s expensive does not mean it is safe. Besides helping you find a lock, we can also test to make sure the lock is safe and secure as needed.

Feel free to check for yourself. We always deliver what we promise. Feel free to look for us at Find A Locksmith and search for us under Residential Locksmith Peoria


Commercial security systems are vastly different than those that we would normally use on our home or vehicle. Commercial security systems require more invasive, hands on technology that can access and monitor every corner and space of your building. Because these needs are so technologically controlled, it is important to only use the best and highly trained specialists for this job. Our business is filled with highly knowledgeable and trained specialists in the various aspects of commercial locksmith. These specialists can take care of all commercial security needs, from complicated frameworks to simple bolt locks. We can install it all.


No matter the size of your business, big or small, the professionals at our shop provide a variety of services for your commercial needs. The security of your company’s assets should all be well protected. Therefore the trained Commercial Locksmithin Peoria offers you all types of experience and skillsets to ensure the safety of your business.



The experts have the experience and expertise to provide re-keying services. This quick and efficient service allows for you to get new or duplicate keys when you request them. We offer re-keying solutions for all types of organizations and locks.


Excessive lock usage or damage and normal wear and tear can cause locks to stop functioning properly and potentially create bigger issues for your security. It is of the truly important that the lock works at full capacity. Our experts, through the best methods, can restore and fix all old locks. If you believe your lock is damaged or starting to malfunction, contact one of our specialists as soon as possible.


If you are remodeling or just ready for a change, you should call a professional locksmith in Peoria who can provide you with the best lock solutions for whatever your needs may be. These professionals only use the most up to date software and technologies to guarantee that the locks are installed correctly. We are the right people for all lock installation jobs.


As a business owner, you have a lot to consider when it comes to running your business, from employee needs to customer satisfaction. However, the daily functioning of your office should not go unprotected. Knowing who has access to certain areas and documents regarding your company is a major part of security. Not knowing this information can leave you susceptible to more risks, both immediate and in the future. To protect your business from being compromised get help from us. Our Locksmith in Peoria provide you with the technology that allows you complete control over your office’s security.

Many of our Commercial technicians work via the web and can service your keying needs via the Internet for your convenience. We provide many different types of key cutting services, including, but not limited to coded keys, high security keys, and copy righted keys

Our company is a registered and licensed business that is part of the Association Locksmiths of America.


Other kinds of solutions that Locksmith Peoria provides include:

Key-less accessibility systems

Master locations

Emergency restoration


You’re ready to wrap up your day. It’s been a long one. Time to go home. You’re standing in front of your car, searching your bag for your keys, when you realize that you can’t find them. You check the ground, your pockets, then you finally decide to peer in through your window. Voila! There are you keys, sitting in your center console, behind a locked car door. You don’t have a spare. You don’t want to break the window, as that repair can be risky. So what do you do? Well what you should do is call us and to save you money and time.


Our skilled locksmiths are always readily available to help you, regardless of the circumstance. Losing your keys or locking them inside of your car can be such a major inconvenience. If you’re in the Peoria area, save yourself the stress and call your local emergency Locksmith. Our specialists can arrive quickly. We are affordably priced, especially in comparison to other alternatives.


To help protect yourself, consider giving a trusted family member or friend a key. This allows you to have some extra protection against lockouts in the future. However, in the event this option isn’t made available, feel free to call one of our locksmiths at our shop. We are here to supply all of your locksmith needs to help protect you against intruders and other risks.


Experiencing ignition problems? We can help. The skilled technicians at our shop can change your ignition, no problem. We offer highly affordable ignition replacement services that for all of our customers that need it.


For those that are experiencing a lockout, worry no more. The professionals at the Automotive Locksmith Peoria can show up quickly and work efficiently to get you back on the road in no time.

Feel free to view the full guide on the National Locksmith Association


We’ve all been inconvenienced by lockouts. Being locked out of your home or car can be such a nuisance that it becomes overwhelming thinking of solutions. You become so preoccupied with trying to reorganize the rest of your day, sometimes resulting in cancelling important plans. It’s best to get these situations resolved quickly so that doesn’t have to happen. Call one of our skilled Emergency Locksmith Peoria technicians. We provide 24/7 services, are quick, competent, and can get you resolved as soon as possible. Don’t hesitate to contact the Emergency Locksmith Peoria.


We are always here to help our customers. Our technicians are always available to assist you with your needs. Being locked out can occur anywhere, anytime and it’s never convenient. That’s why we offer 24/7 Emergency Locksmith services. We offer friendly and reasonably priced services that are here at your convenience. Our locksmiths are exceedingly qualified professionals and can aid you as soon as you call.


We are a comprised of a specialists, technicians, and locksmiths who can supply new keys for your needs. This allows you quick solutions to your lockouts. As a helpful tip, we like for our customers to understand that there are always more convenient and efficient methods to resolving or even preventing lockouts. One of the best methods to guarantee you won’t be locked out is to always have a spare. You can keep your extra house key in the car or vice versa. Even giving a trusted family member or friend a spare set of keys can help prevent lockouts tremendously. Sometimes those methods do not always work. That is why we are here. Our professionals can help you with making a new key as you need. Getting a new set of keys from us can help to cut the expense of time and money in half.


Another service that our experts offer is ignition replacement. If you feel that your keys have wound up in the hands of an unauthorized party, don’t hesitate to use this service. Having your ignition replaced is an extra level of security that many people forget to consider. This is a beneficial service that can be costly if not done by true professionals. We are by far your best alternative for ignition substitutions.


24 Hour Locksmith Peoria

One of the most stressful things that can happen to a business owner or homeowner is getting locked out. Being locked out of your building can cause loss of time and profits, depending on the situation. We can help you, not matter the need. Whether it’s re-keying, making copies, or anything in between.

Our technicians can arrive quickly and finish all jobs in a timely manner. To reach any of your highly trained locksmiths, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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