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Sun Lakes locksmiths offer the best and most reliable locksmith service in your area. Certified locksmiths with years of experience and a reputation above reproach, ready to offer their skills and knowledge to the beloved residents of the Sun Lakes area.

Nowadays it is extremely important to make sure our homes and working environments remain safe. In order to live the happy lives we all deserve, we must be confident that our homes are a true safe haven for us and our families. Unfortunately, there are dangers out there that we must be aware of. Locksmith technology works both ways and there are people who use it to breach our protective measures to make an easy living.

That´s why Sun lakes Locksmiths are always working hard to make sure we are one step ahead. Our certified and knowledgeable locksmiths are always being trained on the latest technologies and safety protocols, to make sure they are aware of the most recent trends and up-to-date equipment for your home, office and vehicle.



Although the locksmith industry maintains standard procedures and protocols, it also gives enough space for customization for each one of the client´s needs and every imaginable environment. Our professional and expert locksmiths are ready to listen to you, or even plan a visit to your house and do a complete assessment of your security strengths and weaknesses. This will give you’re a clear idea on what products you may need to install in your house and how to effectively reinforce the safety of your house.


What´s the point of a locksmith if he cannot go where you are? Our Locksmith in Sun Lakes understands that your time is also an important asset for you. That´s why we offer total mobility in all the Sun Lakes area. We go right where you are and take care of anything related to locks, doors, car ignitions, office access control systems and armored safes. We not only unlock any security device in your possession. We also offer re-key services, installation services, and consultation rendezvous where we can discuss the best options and solutions for your needs.


A good locksmith is not only a person who can unlock homes and vehicles. He or she is also a person who knows about the locking mechanisms that operates inside each lock and can effectively modify its behavior. Re-keying is a process through which a lock is altered so it can be only opened with a new key. If you ever lose your keys, or suspect that you´re not the only one who has access to your house, call our locksmith in Sun Lakes he will quickly Re-key all your outdoor locks, giving you a new set of two keys for every lock, so you can rest assured your home and office are safe from intruders.


Doors are your first line of defense and possibly the only thing that stands between your own private space and the outside world. But to be effective, doors must have good locks to keep undesired visitors away, or even keep your possessions and loved ones safe from harm. It is important then to always have a good working lock protecting your valued possessions. It will help you keep your peace of mind while you work, are away from home or have your deserved rest in bed. There is nothing better than to know there is a place in the world where you can be safe.

Being locked out of your office, vehicle or home is not to be taken lightly. Whether you lost your keys, left them inside, or if your lock is jammed, you must contact your trusted local locksmith immediately. Do not waste time and money calling just anyone who claims being a locksmith. Chances are you´re about to be scammed by con artists that give us a bad reputation. Only Sun Lakes locksmiths can offer you an expert, reliable, customer-oriented, cost-effective and 100% guaranteed emergency locksmith work. Do not hesitate to contact us, and always have our numbers at hand.

Locksmith in Sun Lakes offer the best key duplication technology of the market. Believe it or not, key duplication requires extensive knowledge and accuracy in order to deliver perfect copies of your keys. Any flaw would cause your locks to malfunction and could even harm them permanently. Slight imperfections could jam the pins or tumblers inside a cylinder and ruin a perfectly working lock instantly. We offer flawless duplicates of any brand and type created right on the spot. Consult our locksmiths and order now.

Come visit our store or continue browsing the site in order to learn more about our unique locksmith products and all our different protection solutions that could help keep your family and property safe. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you should you have any question related to your locks, doors, safes, keyless systems and other protection measures. We offer the most reliable maintenance services of the Sun Lakes area, as well as installation, upgrade, replacement and rekeying solutions according to your very specific needs. We also offer consultation for any issue related to home security, business safety solutions or automotive protection systems.


Sun Lakes Locksmiths are the only locksmiths in the area that guarantee international standards of safety and professional ethics. Being a locksmith requires to pass through very meticulous tests and background checks. Being the only ones who can penetrate any lock no matter how complex or technologically advanced it is, we have to be sure all our experts have a professional behavior and morals above reproach.

But let´s give you a tour about our great locksmith services to know more about us and what we can do for you and our community.

We are one of the few licensed companies in Sun Lakes, and registered with the highest standards of Arizona’s ROC terms and guidelines. You will find us as “Locksmith Sun Lakes” at Arizona ROC Search Engine.

Doors perform different functions you might never thought about. Doors actually control the flow of your home or business activities. Good positioned doors that have locks working properly, allow a seamless traffic between rooms and departments inside a building or residence. That´s why it is important to plan how many doors should you place between departments in a factory, what kind of door should protect the assets contained in each room, and what kind of lock allows the best protection but also the most time efficient access. Badly positioned doors and flawed locks always impact negatively the flow of a home or business as they cause people to stop doing what they are doing just to deal with a malfunctioning lock many times a day.

That´s why it is important to ask your trusted locksmith about the best solutions for your home or business. Sun Lakes locksmiths are ready to offer you their consultation services in order to give you a complete traffic and safety assessment of your property. This will provide you with objective tools that you can use to select the best products that suit your needs. Always make informed decisions when it comes to your safety. This will save you money and time as there are many stores that will make you buy expensive security systems that will barely contribute to your protection or that could become cumbersome and useless over time. Our experts are customer oriented and will always offer you the essential protective measures you and your family needs, and only those that guarantee that your money is being well spent.

Most doors have standard cylinder locks installed. They are all good, reliable and not very expensive, so they are the most common kind of locks out there. But these characteristics make some people aware of the fact that if they learn how to unlock one, they will know how to unlock all other cylinders in town. This is why it is always important to consult a trusted locksmith. They know about the dangers lurking in the night, as well as the best products and solutions to keep you protected at all times.

Good locks are designed to be efficient, reliable, sturdy and resistant to all common attacks and break-in attempts. Burglars in general like to be informed about lock technologies and how to quickly violate them without being detected. We offer a wide range of locks and security systems that would deter any burglar from trying to force your lock. From mechanical locks resistant to bumping and lock picks, to deadbolts, closed circuit television systems, keyless access control devices and alarms. All of them designed to discourage anyone from trying to enter your property without your permission.


We offer the best services in the Sun Lakes area. We specialize in door installation and service, security products, locks and handles, padlocks, and consultation regarding residential security. We also offer emergency services, maintenance, replacements, re-keying, duplicates, access control systems, intercoms, closed circuit systems and much more. Visit our store or browse our webpage to find out more about our residential products.

Your doors are one of the most important elements of your house. Both exterior and interior doors contribute to the safety, efficiency and beauty of your home. For instance, they are the only thing that separates the outside world from your private living space, keeping strangers and undesired visitors away. On the other hand, they control the flow and movement inside a house, determining how easily people can move about the residence. They also help you create a climate inside your home according to your desires, be it warmer or colder than the outside. Finally, a front door is the first thing people look at when they visit your house, and interior door can really make a difference in style in your living space.

We really understand the importance of doors and locks, and offer their services to help you choose the best security solutions for your home. They are totally customer oriented, meaning that they will listen to your words before making any suggestion. No two homes are alike, and yours surely has unique safety needs. Visit our store or continue browsing to find out more about our residential safety solutions.


The main reason locks exist is to provide peace of mind. In today´s world one cannot be too careful when it comes to providing safety for you and the ones you love. A good lock is designed to make all your worries disappear. A lock is what lets you be out of your house working or enjoying yourself without having to worry about your property being taken by others, or is what makes you able to sleep soundly at night.

Unfortunately, there are others who like to study the nature of locks to take advantage of others. Right now, the internet offers many ways to learn many things about locks and any young man with access to the World Wide Web can learn a trick or two about locks.

We make great efforts to stay always one step ahead when it comes to security technology advancements. The newest locks offer the extra protection your home needs to avoid becoming a victim of any burglar attack. Do not become part of the statistics. Call our experts and learn more about the latest protection technology for your home.


Maybe you lost your keys, or you suspect someone might have taken them or made duplicates. Perhaps your old tenants are moving out and you´re not sure if they gave spare keys to relatives or neighbors. All these situations have a prompt and definite solution. We offer you a reliable, fast and accurate rekeying service. You do not have to worry about others having access to your property. Call our experts and make sure you´re the only one with a key to all your outside doors.

Rekeying is a simple but delicate process in which the tumblers or pins inside the lock cylinder are modified. This causes all the old keys to become useless, and only a new unique set of keys will be able to open that lock. That´s right. No matter how many spare keys there were, they won´t be able to open that lock anymore.

If you believe someone else has access to any of your outside doors, call our experts and they will perform a rekey of your locks for a fraction of the price of a new one.


Locks are remarkable pieces of engineering. This makes them susceptible to wear and tear like any other mechanical devices. We will service any of your locks no matter how old or outdated they are.

You must be wary of some signs your lock might be giving you. If you feel the key has any problem entering the cylinder, or of you must jiggle the key in order to open a lock, it is time to call your local locksmith. A lock can last years or even decades if you take good care of them. Our experts know everything there is to know about servicing old locks, and they will help you bring new life to those old and rusty locks you may have.

Never try to repair a lock yourself. This is the most common mistake people make. Putting substances like oil or graphite inside a lock´s mechanism will surely jam the pins and cylinders, or even create an extremely hard to remove mud that could harm your otherwise perfectly functional lock permanently. Just pay attention to the small signs your lock is giving you and call us right when you feel your lock is not working as smoothly as before.


Security is about being one step ahead of others. Here at residential locksmith Sun Lakes, we make sure to have the most up-to-date lock technology available for you. Our experts will counsel you and will install the desired lock, making sure it works smoothly and you can take full advantage of its features. Make sure to call us to get your free quote.


Apart from being a means to keeping your home secure, locks are also an essential part of your door. It is important then that it contributes to the beauty of your home. Ask our experts about our beautiful lock, handles and doorknob styles. Both classical and modern styles have their place in our store and in your home. We also offer advice on home decoration and choosing the right doors for both exteriors and interiors.


Locks designed for commercial or institutional purposes differ greatly from those used in residential environments. We offer the greatest variety of security solutions aimed to protect your office or working environment while leaving enough flexibility for customization. Visit our store or continue browsing this page to learn more about our commercial security solutions.

Doors determine how hard or easy it is to access certain rooms or departments inside your commercial venue, office building, industrial facility, or institution. This means that they regulate the flow of the activity inside the building. So you need to make sure your doors and locks are placed according to the purpose of each access point they help protect in order to maintain maximum efficiency.

The nature of the commercial environment makes locks even more important than any other setting. They help protect vital areas of your business, as well as the lives of your valuable employees. Never let your company´s vital assets or your personnel unprotected. Our Commercial locksmith Sun Lakes offer you the best solutions the market can offer, including locks, doors, gates, panic bars, intercoms, access control systems, closed circuit television systems, and keyless security solutions especially tailored to your business´ needs.


We are sure that your company is the product of years of effort and hard work, and we want to help you protect it. Our experts will be more than happy to assist you and give you advice on the security services you need for your company. They are customer oriented, meaning that they will only give you their professional advice after they had listened to your requirements. They can perform an on-the-spot assessment of your venue to evaluate the potential strengths and weaknesses of your security systems. This will help you make an informed decision before committing to any security system. An advantage of this is that you will surely end up saving money and valuable time. Many companies offer the installation of hefty and expensive security systems that end up being cumbersome and unnecessary for you. Only a real expert will give you sound advice on the adequate security system that suits your specific requirements.



If you recently had to let go a number of employees that had access to vital areas of your company. If you believe someone could have made a duplicate of keys, or maybe stole them. If some keys are suspiciously lost. It is time to rekey your locks. Locksmiths know how to manipulate or modify the pins and tumblers inside the lock´s cylinder in order to render useless all the keys. Then they give you a new set of keys that effectively open that lock. This clears all doubts you might have about who has access to important zones of your workplace.

Don´t let unqualified individuals tamper with your locks. This could…


Locks directed to commercial usage are regularly sturdier than residential locks. It makes them reliable and more resistant to wear and tear. However, they still need to be serviced regularly in order to keep them working smoothly for years or even decades. Keep an eye on your locks and be wary of signs of wear. You do not want to be left locked out just because a lock gets jammed. Never try to repair or service a lock yourself. Doing so, might cause it to malfunction or even harm it permanently.


After you choose the best locking system for your company, our experts will install all of them in a very short time. Our services are always performed quickly and discreetly, allowing your company to remain operational and uninterrupted. We will also install panic bars, keyless or electronic locks, access control systems and closed circuits cameras and monitors.


In a working environment where many people hold keys to common areas, it is common that some keys get lost or broken. With your authorization, new sets of keys can be ordered. Just provide us with your unique code and specify a quantity, and it will be delivered to your workplace within the day. We guarantee flawless duplicates. Do not let amateur locksmiths create duplicates of your keys. Any flaw could damage your lock or render it useless. Small fragments of metal left by inexperienced locksmiths could get stuck inside the locks mechanism, jamming the pins and damaging the lock.


We offer 24/7 emergency lockout services that include unlocking, rekeying and replacement of locks. We also offer expert counseling especially aimed at companies looking for an increase in protection. We also provide:

Installation of keyless access systems

Master suites setup

Security system assessment

Emergency lines


We offer you the most complete vehicle lock services in the area. We specialize in door locks, trunk locks, ignition cylinders and other automotive anti-theft security measures such as steering wheel locks, wheel clamps and even fuel caps. We perform emergency unlocks, re-keying, ignition cylinder replacement and duplicate creation. Visit our store or browse our website to know more about our automotive security products and solutions.

Most people fear that technicians will take a long time to fix the smallest problems, or that they would ruin the car finish. A professional locksmith knows that locks are there to protect your most valued possessions, and your car is certainly one of them. We guarantee 100% satisfaction as they are the only locksmiths in the area with a 24/7 emergency automotive locksmith service, a flawless key replacement service, rekeying solutions and even ignition replacement service right on the spot. All our services are done with the integrity of your car´s interior and paint finish in mind.


There are not many things worse than finding yourself locked out of your vehicle away from home. After a busy day at work, or an afternoon at a shopping mall, all you want to do and get inside your car and drive home. But as you walk down the parking lot, you start trying to remember where you put your keys when you locked the car, but did you lock your car at all? It is right when you look through your car window that you realize your keys are still hanging from the ignition.

Emergency locksmith Sun Lakes know exactly how you feel when these situations arrive and offer you the best and most reliable emergency services in the area. Forget about breaking a window, trying to unlock the car with wires or other so-called solutions found on the internet. You do not want to have to replace a window or pay for a paint job just because you did not know what to do. Save your money and time by calling our professional locksmiths. Our 24/7 emergency locksmith service includes unlocking, rekeying or replacing any car lock. It does not matter if it´s your ignition cylinder, your doors, your trunk or any other security measure you have installed in your car. Our technicians will open it in no time and give you a spare key if necessary.



One of the best ways to avoid having a vehicle lockout situation is to have an extra set of keys in a safe place. Locksmith Sun Lakes are equipped with state of the art equipment that allows them to create duplicates of keys of any brand and type. Just order the required keys indicating the type and model and we will make sure you get a flawless duplicate. We guarantee that it will work smoothly and will leave no potentially harmful residues inside the locks. Always make sure your duplicates are made by certified locksmiths that know what they are doing. Imperfect duplicates could permanently damage your locks, forcing you to replace it altogether.

Make sure you have a perfectly done duplicate in a safe place, and avoid a lockout situation. Keeping a spare key will help you save money and time in case you misplace your keys or leave them inside your car. Give us a call and ask about our duplication services. Order your set of extra keys today.


With time, the cylinder that unlocks the ignition can stop working properly or jam. If you notice your keys stop entering smoothly into the cylinder, or that you have to jiggle the key in order to start your car, it is time to replace the ignition. Automotive locksmith Sun Lakes offer their expert hands to service or replace your vehicle´s ignition. Our experience and state-of-the-art equipment guarantee a seamless installation and total consideration for your car´s finish. Do not worry about a technician roughing out your paint job or your car´s interior. We understand the love an owner has for his or her car, and we take special care when performing delicate replacements on your car. Our reliable locksmiths will complete a total ignition replacement in less than one hour, allowing you to be back on the road.


Emergency Locksmith Sun Lakes specialize in unlocking, repairing, re-keying, or simply get you out of any uncomfortable and urgent situation related to locks or doors. No problem is too small or too big for us. We offer our expert help with an around the clock service that will get you out of any problem you´re having with a lock.


There are any number of cases where you would urgently need the assistance of a professional locksmith. Maybe you are coming out of your office late at night and, as you are walking down the parking lot, you realize that you left your keys stuck in the ignition and all your doors are locked for good. Maybe you´re coming out of a restaurant just to find out you left the keys on the table, and when you go back, there are no signs of your keys. Often you just get home and stick your keys inside the front door lock, and when you turn it, it just breaks, effectively jamming your door and leaving you locked out.

All these situations are extremely frustrating and they normally mean that the rest of the day is going to be ruined. We understand how people feel when they are locked out for any of these reasons and are more than prepared for these situations. We will take care of the problem the second you call us. We will limit our questions to your current location and event, giving you advice on what to do while our expert arrives. We want you to feel you´re not alone and that there are people looking after you right when you need them.


Losing your key can be something that could alter your agenda for the whole day. Just looking for tem can take forever, and could ruin an otherwise productive day of work. Our experts can help you any time you´re unable to find the keys to your home or office. Just call us and an expert will go right where you are and will make a set of duplicates for your lock right on the spot. That´s it. Easy, fast and inexpensive. They have the equipment and the knowledge to help you out of this situation without having to reschedule any of your important appointments or meetings for the day.


Your car´s ignition is a precise piece of engineering. It is also subject to a lot of friction and tension as the key has to be turned every time you want to start your car. It is normal then that it presents signs of wearing with time. If your ignition gets jammed, or if your key breaks inside the ignition, you must immediately call a locksmith. Never try to fix it by yourself because you might cause greater harm. To avoid having to pay more, contact your trusted experts and they will arrive in a very short time. Our expert will service your ignition cylinder, re-key it or replace it in a matter of minutes. He´s got all the necessary tools and knowledge to do a perfect job very quickly.



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Being locked out of your office or home is not to be taken lightly. Whether you lost your keys, left them inside, or if your lock is jammed, you must contact your trusted local locksmith immediately. Do not waste time and money calling just anyone who claims being a locksmith. Chances are you´re about to be scammed by con artists that give us a bad reputation. Only we Lakes can offer you an expert, reliable, customer-oriented, cost-effective and 100% guaranteed emergency locksmith work. Do not hesitate to contact us, and always have our numbers at hand.

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