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Locksmith Surprise offers you their extensive diversity of locks services and security systems for your vehicle, home and business. We consider every single aspect of your life and think of every possible solution. We provide you with automotive, residential and commercial lock-outs services as well as emergency services twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. We provide you with our service anytime and anywhere as long as it is in the Surprise area.

Surprise Locksmith have personalized and customized service and help you protect your family and possessions. We offer automotive, residential and commercial lock-out solutions; we will unlock any door, anywhere, anytime regardless of the type and brand. Apart from lock-out solutions, our residential locksmith services include re-keying, lock change, lock repair, lock replacement and installation. We work with the best brands and the most advanced security locks.

Our commercial locksmith services include closed circuit television video installation, maintenance and repair. We also provide the best intercoms in the market with visual options, burglar and fire alarms, access control systems and all kinds of safes. As you can see we offer ultimate protection for your commerce. Additionally, our automotive service consists of lock-out solutions, re-keying, ignitions change, ignition repair, ignition replacement and key duplication.

Our 24/7 emergency service assist you no matter what your problem is; car, home, commerce lock-outs, etc. We have cutting-edge equipment and experienced locksmith and they do everything they can to give you fast response. Are you convinced yet? We have the best fees in the market.



We have endless personalized and customized service. We give you the most practical and reasonable solutions for your car, home or business emergencies and needs. We always consider your necessities as well as your requirements in order to give you personalized assistance. In order to provide you with such personalized assistance, our locksmiths will go to you and do a thorough assessment of your strengths and weaknesses. This will help us determine the best options in order to protect your home, company or vehicle.


It is our main concern to provide you with the uttermost security. Surprise Locksmith have trained and studied so hard to be the best and we have worked hard to acquire advanced tools to give you the best security possible. You may rest assured knowing that you are safe. You can put the safety of your beloved ones, residence, business and properties in our hands. We will not disappoint you and we will never let you down. We can install the best locks, secure your doors and windows and provide you with the best technological electrical security systems. Our products, practices and techniques have been proved to be of high quality.


Additionally, a good locksmith is aware of the locking mechanisms that operates inside each lock and is therefore able to modify it without a problem. Re-keying is a very simple process in which a lock is modified so a new key can open it. Re-keying is a good solution when a key has been lost, stolen or you suspect it has been duplicated. If you wish to re-key your lock, call Locksmith Surprise, they will answer your call and will send someone immediately to assist you. They will modify your lock and provide you with a new key or as many keys as you request. Re-keying your locks by any of our locksmiths, guarantee that your home, commerce or car will be safe from intruders.


Whether it is your home or business, we know you have valuable possessions, possessions that you would like to keep safe from any harm and safe from thieves. We can help you with that. They offer a wide variety of security locks and security systems that will ensure that your properties and belongings remain safe. The make use of the latest technology in order to secure your car, home or business. For instance, for commercial purposes, we offer you our different safes; we have all sorts of safes. Cash safes, fire and impact rated, gun safes, burglar & fire rated, floor safes and more. Our safes are designed to withstand anything. We will suggest you what safes would suit you depending on what you want to guard your belongings from; burglar, fires, floods, heavy impact, explosions, etc. should you need to find answers to your questions, do not hesitate, call us and we will help you find the best solutions to your security needs.

Additionally, we offer you our most varied burglar alarms. Their sole purpose is to detect intrusions or unauthorized entries. The good thing about burglar alarms is that they may be used everywhere. You can use them in residential, commercial or industrial properties. They can also protect your vehicles and personnel. For ultimate protection we suggest you install burglar alarms combined with closed circuit television video systems, they will record automatically any intrusion or activity.

Our locksmiths are not amateurs; they have trained very hard in order to provide you with good and reliable service. Besides, our vehicles are well equipped. If there is an emergency, our locksmiths basically take the entire workshop with them, so they can deliver any of their services.

If you think unlocking and installing all kinds of locks were the only services we offered, then you are in for a surprise. A good locksmith is able to perform all kind of lock services, which implies changing, replacing and servicing locks, no matter where they were installed, their model, type or brand.

Other companies offer similar solutions to your lock-out problems and security needs; however, they are not as effective, efficient and fast as Locksmith Surprise and their fees sometimes double ours. We offer you fast response, 100% guaranteed service and affordable prices. You can contact us, visit our head office or our webpage if you want more information.


There are several reasons why you should choose us as your locksmith security company. We consider every single aspect of your life in order to provide you with 100% guaranteed security. We can help you secure your home, your business and your car.

Our lock-out solutions include your car, your residence and your workplace. Additionally, our lock services also include a wide range of options such as lock repair, lock change, re-keying and key duplicates. Other lock services that we offer include keys for code numbered lock boxes, cabinets, doors, and Master Keys.

We can help you secure your car if you lost your key, broke it or it was stolen. We have car unlocking, ignition repair, ignition change, ignition installation, ignition replacement and free consultation.

We also help you secure your residence and commerce with different lock solutions and high security options such as CCTV cameras, safes, access control systems, fire & burglar alarms and intercoms.

As we know that lock-outs and security emergencies may happen any time, we offer an excellent 24/7 emergency service. Our locksmiths will assist you anywhere and anytime as long as you are in the Surprise area. Additionally, our fees are quite economical; they can be adjusted to your needs and your budget.

Our commercial professional locksmith in Surprise work via the Internet. This lets us promote our services through the internet and you can check our services, promotions, fees and products.

Locksmith Surprise is proud to say that we are a licensed company, which proves that we have the best locksmiths, offer the best services and our work is first-class.

To sum up, we are your number one choice because we offer the most advanced security solutions and our service has been designed to meet your needs and requirements. There is no other company in the Surprise area you can trust that would provide you with the security and stability you deserve. Call us and we will ensure the safety of your properties and your beloved ones.


We offer you the best service in the Surprise area. We have a wide variety of options to your lock-out problems and an extensive selection of security options to secure your house.If you find yourself locked out of your home, call our residential locksmith and we will send a specialist to unlock your door. Our locksmiths have special training and have the most advanced tools to unlock any lock.We have all kind of lock services. If your lock is malfunctioning, we can repair it for you or if your lock is beyond repair, we can replace it for a much better one, we offer you high security locks to ensure the safety of your house, family and belongings. If you do not wish to have your lock replaced, we can re-key the lock so only new keys operate it and the old keys do not. Our locks installation service is 100% guaranteed. We deal with any lock brand and model and our prices are very affordable.



With us you may rest assured that we will find the best security solutions to protect your house and belongings. Our main concern is that we give you the best protection there is. We want to make you sure that you, your family and possessions are safe, that is why we offer you the best service, the best installation and the best locks in the market.


If you lost your key or you think that someone stole it or made a duplicate can represent a threat. Maybe your old residents are moving out and you want to make sure that you are the only person with access to your property. Anyways, Residential Locksmith Surprise recommends you obtain our re-key service. It is fast and unfailing. There will not be need to worry about who might have access to my house. Re-keying is a simple procedure, locksmiths change the tumbler or wafer configuration so new keys are able to work the lock whereas old ones cannot. Call us and make sure you are the only person who has access to your property.


Locks can last for a long time if they have received proper servicing. Sometimes people think that getting new locks is the only way to keep their house safe, but they do not know that a simple lock repair can be as efficient as getting entirely new locks. We think that having your lock checked before replacing it is a good solution.

If you are in the process of remodeling, you will most definitely need new locks. The Sun Set City Locksmith 24 Hour service can assist you in correctly finding the best locking and security need for your home.


If indeed your lock is beyond repair, then we offer our 100% guaranteed lock installation. We always want to make sure we provide high-quality service and that our customers are always happy. It is our main goal to ensure the safety of every one of our clients, and that includes you. Our locksmiths will give you appropriate counseling regarding your home security options, always taking into consideration your needs and requirements. And they will install your locks appropriately in order to secure your place, family and belongings. They have advanced tools and their vehicles have everything they need. Call our locksmiths and get our lock installation service.


Residential Locksmith Surprise offers other sorts of residential lock installations. We can help you with our wide variety of interior and exterior doors, handles, doorknobs, window locks, cabinet locks and locks for your furniture. We have classical and model styles as well as high security locks. We offer decoration advice so you are able to make the best choices. Should you need to make changes in your house in order to make your home a safer place, call our residential locksmith service.


Residential locks and commercial locks differ significantly. They have different purposes and they must be fulfilled. We offer you their wide variety of commercial services. Our locksmiths will deal with your lock-out issues twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week. No matter where in Surprise you are, we will send an experienced locksmith to help you.


We supply all sort of lock services such as unlocking, re-keying, repair and replacement but additionally, we offer our most advanced security systems. We have intercoms, closed circuit television video systems, burglar & fire alarms, access control systems and a wide selection of safes.

Commercial services have at your disposal a great number of different intercoms to help you control entrance to your premises. We can offer you the simple version of voice intercoms or the most advanced options; visual intercoms with facial recognition.



Also, we can install a respectable CCTV system for more protection and to know what happens around your company at all hours. In addition, we supply the best selection of burglar & fire alarms. We recommend you install monitored alarms for more protection. And for ultimate security and control, we offer you access control systems which will allow you to have control of the different doors and gates within the structure. You will be able to see and here who comes in or out and have the power to deny or permit entrance to all the areas of the company.

Surprise locksmith can provide you with all the information you need in order to secure your business. They will evaluate your case and provide you with feasible solutions. They will find the most viable options taking into consideration your needs and requirements. The will also take into consideration your employees to provide you with the best service and protect your business.

If you want to secure cash, confidential documents, and property documents, tax forms or any other important objects, we have at your disposal a great number of safes for all purposes. We have different sizes and models that range from different security levels. Our safes are resistant to water, chemicals, fire and even explosions. We are sure we can provide you with anything you need for your commerce.


Old locks tend to give you problems. Keys jam and sometimes it is difficult to unlock the doors. This is due to different reasons; overuse and mistreatment are just some of them. Even though locks designed for commercial purposes ten to be more resistant, they need to be serviced regularly.

Commercial Locksmith Surprise services all kinds of locks. They can repair any lock in your business. They have cutting-edge equipment and make use of the latest technology to ensure that your locks are serviced properly and help you secure your commerce.

Locksmith in Surprise


If you wish to have a whole new set of security locks installed in your company, call them, and they will find the best options in the market and carry on with the installation. You may rest assure that our locksmiths will offer you the best security locks to protect your business. We have all kinds of security locks for you; biometric locks, high security locks, inside locks, gate locks, etc.


It is very common to lose or break keys, especially in working environments. Our Locksmith in Surprise will supply new sets of keys. They can duplicate any key regardless of the lock type, just send us your authorization and provide us with your code and specify the quantity, we will deliver them to you within the day.

Our company is registered and licensed business and a part of Association Locksmiths of America


We also offer:

Key-less accessibility systems

Master locations

Emergency restoration


Automotive Locksmith Service Surprise offers you the most exhaustive automotive service in the whole area of Surprise. We provide you with all kinds of locksmith solutions for your doors and ignition. Surprise Locksmith supplies a wide range of anti-theft security measures in order to protect your car. We offer you steering wheel locks, wheel clamps, fuel caps. We also offer emergency un-locks, re-keying, ignition cylinder repair or replacement and key duplicates. You can visit our store or look through our website to know about our automotive security products and offers.

Most technicians take long hours to repair even the smallest of problems, but you do not need to fear, our automotive service is flawless. We are experienced locksmiths who have trained hard to master all locksmithing techniques. Surprise Locksmith do not take long hours and we assure we will not make things worse, we find solutions to your problems no matter how grave they are. We guarantee 100% practical, effective and efficient results. You will be satisfied with our service.

We also offer you 24/7 emergency service and we will assist you no matter where you are. As long as you are in the Surprise area, we will deliver. Our emergency service is diverse, we offer ignition repair, ignition replacement, re-.keying and key duplicates services right on the spot.


Finding yourself locked out of your own car might be one of the worst situations imaginable, even worse if you are far from home or far from someone you know might assist you. Imagine it has been a long day and all you want to do is get in the car and go home to take a relaxing hot shower and go to bed. You walk towards the car and as you feel your pockets for your car keys you notice they are not in any of your pockets. You start worrying because the only possibility left is that you forgot them inside the car. You rush towards the car and look through the window. They are right there, hanging from the ignition switch. You try pulling all the door handles but they are all locked. It is then when you notice you have locked yourself out.

Finding yourself in this situation can be really frustrating and stressing Automotive Locksmith Service Surprise knows it, which is why we offer you our 24/ emergency locksmith service. Our service is unfailing; we will unlock your car and retrieve the keys for you. You do not need to come up with unnecessary methods; we will find the most practical, fastest and effective solution. Breaking a window is one way to retrieve your keys and get on your way; however, is it the best solution? You have to consider practicality, efficiency and economy. Breaking a window will cost you a lot of money and a lot of time to get that window replaced. We have everything we need to do the job. Our locksmiths and vehicles are well equipped to assist you. Surprise Locsmith emergency service includes unlocking, key reproduction, rekeying and replacing any car lock or ignition.



How can you avoid lock-outs? Well, one way is by simply being very careful when getting out of your car. Check that your keys are in your hand or pockets before closing the doors. However, Automotive Locksmith Service Surprise has another approach. We suggest you get a duplicate of your keys. You can have it with you at all times, in your pocket or in a bag, at home or at work.

Having a spare key might save you a lot of valuable time and money. If you forget the key inside, you can just use your extra key to open the car. If you have it at home or at the office, you have two options, you either go there to look for the key or you contact any member of your family or work colleague who can take the key to you. Anyways, you will be able to open the car by yourself without having to call a locksmith and spend money unnecessarily.

Our locksmiths are able to provide you with this spare key. Their advanced tools allow them to duplicate your keys and craft exact replicas. We can duplicate any key brand or type.


Ignitions often start to act up, especially when they are very old, or when they have not been treated delicately. They tend to jam or simply stop working. When you notice that the key does not enter the cylinder smoothly or you find it very hard to turn the ignition switch, it is time to have it checked. Sometimes it only needs fixing, other times it needs to be replaced entirely. Automotive Locksmith Service Surprise offers their ignition service. They can repair or replace the ignition for you. They are experts and take considerably little time.


Getting yourself locked out is very problematic. It implies spending money and losing precious time. Your agenda is altered and you might lose important opportunities. We supply emergency service at all hours of the day. Call our locksmiths and they will send someone immediately. Our locksmiths are efficient and they do not take long.


Our locksmiths are always willing to assist you. We are happy to offer you their 24/7 service. As we know lock-outs are very common and they might happen anytime, anywhere, we offer our services at all hours in the entire Surprise area. You must not hesitate, no matter where you are or the time; we will provide you with our service. Call our experts; they will be there in no time to offer you our affordable fees. Our fees are very inexpensive, you can compare them with other companies and you will notice they cannot beat our prices. And once you have experienced our service, you will also notice that we are your number one choice.

Emergency Locksmith Surprise


Having a new key is highly favorable and we can provide you with one. Our trained emergency locksmiths will make as many keys as you need in order to help you with your lock-out problems. Losing a key can change all your plans and sometimes you cannot afford changing your agenda, it might result in money loss or the opportunity to do something productive. Our locksmiths can make new keys for your car, home or office, no matter the brand or type. The can duplicate keys for you regardless of the lock, time or place.


The ignition tends to wear out due to constant use and sometimes mistreatment; they get jammed or simply stop working properly. If you ever find yourself unable to start your car because the ignition is causing you trouble, call us; they will take a look and evaluate your ignition. Once they have determined the problem, they will tell you if you need to have it fixed or replaced. Our locksmiths are able to fix or replace the ignition wherever you are regardless of the hour; they have the tools, the patience and the expertise to do so. You may rest assure that your car is in good hands. Our ignition installation service is quite economical and very effective.



Lock-outs can be very problematic no matter where they happen. Car lock-outs can be so frustrating; you know that it represents money loss and it is very time-consuming. Home and business lock-outs are equally troublesome; they demand a lot of time which you might not have and money you might be saving for something else, something important.

It is very common to lose your keys, they sometimes break off inside the lock and other times you forget them inside. No matter what the reason is, you should not take it lightly. You must call a locksmith immediately, they will unlock the door and you will be able to get inside your home or office. We offer you the best service in the area. They are experts and their work is reliable. Do not hesitate and do not waste time, call our locksmiths and get your problem solved by pr

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