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Security companies are constantly looking for ways to assure your safety, your family’s and your properties. They are always developing new technologies, procedures and security systems to make sure you are secure. They knows how important your family, home, business and belongings are to you, that is why they work so hard, to find the best options and solutions. They work very hard in order to provide you with the best products, security systems, procedures and alternatives to protect you. They train very hard to be the best, to be prepared and be capable of finding effective, efficient and practical solutions to your security needs and your security problems. Locksmith Tolleson truly care about your safety, they want to offer you high-class service.

People tend to sacrifice their safety; they usually have other priorities and become reckless regarding their security. Sometimes they just prioritize other aspects of life that, truth be told, are not as important. It is our goal to make people aware of the importance of prioritizing their safety, their family’s and their home’s. We offer all kinds of services because we consider every single aspect of your life. Our service include automotive services, residential services, commercial services and 24/7 emergency services.

We solve your lock-out problems; in your home, office and car lock-outs. We provide you with key making, key replacement, lock repair, lock replacement, lock change, lock installation, lock re-keying and any lock brands for your residential or commercial problems. Additionally, for your commercial security needs we offer other options that will surely have higher impact on your commercial safety. We have intercoms; from the simplest audio intercoms to much more advanced video integrated intercoms. We also have a wide variety of Closed Circuit Television Systems, burglar & fire alarms, access control systems and safes. Any Tolleson Locksmith is able to install a new home/commerce security device considering your needs and requirements. They will consider you personal needs and the levels of security you wish.



Locksmith Tolleson has personalized services, they are endless, we are sure you will be able to find anything you need and we are sure we can provide you with the best solutions for your automotive, home, business and emergency necessities. Remember that you have individual needs that must be taken care of and you always have to consider that accidents happen and emergencies arise when you least expect it. You can get locked out, keys might get lost and intruders could break into your home or office.


We offer you good security measures, from locks to the best electronic security systems. We can secure your doors, windows, halls and even your furniture. Tolleson Locksmith can help you sleep well knowing that you and your beloved ones are safe, as well as all your effects. Our locks and security systems are up to date and our specialists are well trained. We will also provide you with all the information you need. We guarantee security and high-quality service.


Our locksmiths offer their re-keying services. It is a very simple procedure that allows you to secure your place. It is to change a lock by altering the wafer or tumbler configuration to allow brand new keys operate the lock and not letting old keys work the lock. It is perfect when you have bought a new house and you want to make sure that only you and your family have keys to your new home. This is a practical solution and cheaper than replacing the whole lock.


You should never disregard the importance of having good locks in your home or business. Tolleson Locksmith is an important part of your security measures. They keep your belongings risk-free. We have a wide assortment of locks to match your personal needs. We will install, repair, replace or re-key your locks. They will of course study the conditions of the lock in order to determine the best action. They will provide you with the best solution for your locking needs.

Professional Locksmith Tolleson provides you with a great selection of locksmith solutions for your automobile, residential or commercial needs. We have at our disposal a wide variety of solutions, products and brands that will ensure your safety and the safety of your beloved ones and properties. You do not know when your keys may get lost or, when you may get locked out or when there are chances of someone getting into your home by force in order to steal your most valuable possessions, but you need to be prepared. We offer you all kinds of services to be one step ahead. Key reproduction, all lock-related solutions and security systems are just some of the services we provide.

Locksmiths Tolleson

We are experts in all types of lock situations. We will provide you with lock opening in case you get yourself locked out of your car, house or workplace. If your locks are acting up, we will take a close look and determine what should be done. We offer you lock repairs if locks are simply a little rusty or there is something wrong with their configuration. If the lock is completely broken and is beyond fixing, we offer you our lock replacement services. We will change your locks for much more high security locks and install them for you. In case of key lost, key misplacement or stolen keys, we supply lock re-keying. It will give you the peace of mind you need. We work with all brands, Schlage, Mul-T-Locks, Yale, etc.

If you are remodeling and redecorating your house or apartment, we suggest you consider security as well as ornamentation. You want to set a whole new set of locks or more high-quality security systems and we can give you all the information you need and provide you with security solutions; from lock systems to much more technological options such as CCTV cameras, intercoms and alarms.

They will install your locks, CCTV cameras, alarms or intercoms and we will provide you with maintenance as well. We will replace or change any malfunctioning lock or electrical security system in your house or business.


You must choose Locksmith in Tolleson because we are a first-class security company. Our commitment is to find the most practical, effective and efficient solutions to your security needs. We consider every aspect of life in order to supply the best service. We want to solve your automotive, residential and commercial needs.

We offer all kinds of lock solutions; Lock-outs, lock repair, lock replacement, lock change, lock installation, lock re-keying and lock brands. Our automotive services are lock-out service, ignition repair, ignition replacement, ignition change and key duplication.

Additionally, we have everything for your commercial needs; intercoms, CCTV systems, burglar & fire alarms, access control systems and all kinds of safes. For your residence we also have a wide variety of solutions. We can deal with home lock-outs, lock change, lock repair, lock installation, lock re-keying, lock maintenance and more. All our products are user-friendly, besides, our experts will provide you with proper and very illustrative instructions so as to handle them correctly.

In addition, offer our service at all hours of the day. No matter what the time is, if you contact us, we will answer your call and send someone immediately to assist you, it is a 24/7 emergency service. Our locksmiths will also send an expert anywhere in the Tolleson area. Are you convinced yet? Then our prices will do the job. Our prices are exceptionally economical. Our services are, in truth, very affordable.

Our locksmiths are trained to deal any lock issue and to provide you with good service. No matter how ambitious your project is, our locksmiths are up to the task. They will find feasible solutions and give you their advice. They have the knowledge as well as well as the experience, will and equipment; they have cutting-edge tools. They are well acquainted with the equipment to ensure effective and efficient solutions. Besides, they take advantage of recent technological advances to secure your home, automobile or business. Additionally, their vehicles are well equipped as well. They have all kinds of machinery and tools to ease their work. They basically take the entire workshop with them, so when they are answering emergency calls, they are capable of providing you with all kinds of solutions. They will be able to not only unlock you door, they will also be able to replace the lock if needs be, or repair it. They will be able to change the lock or ignition switch, and they will be able to make new extra keys or whole new sets of keys for your car, home door or office door.

Additionally, their vehicles are well equipped as well. They have all kinds of machinery and tools to ease their work. They basically take the entire workshop with them, so when they are answering emergency calls, they are capable of providing you with all kinds of solutions.

Our experts will be able to not only unlock you door, they will also be able to replace the lock if needs be, or repair it. They will be able to change the lock or ignition switch, and they will be able to make new extra keys or whole new sets of keys for your car, home door or office door.

We are sure that their diverse service, products, affordable fees and trained experts will provide you with the security you deserve. We are truly your number one choice.


Residential Locksmith Tolleson offers you their wide-ranging services in the Tolleson area. Our area of expertise range from door installation, repair and service, to all kinds of lock services such as installation, servicing, replacement, change and re-keying. We also offer all types of door handles, padlocks, and information in relation to residential security systems. If you are looking for more advanced security systems or higher levels of security, we suggest you take a look at our access control systems, intercoms, closed circuit television video systems and burglar & fire alarms. Doors are of great importance in your house, your interior and exterior doors make your place safer. They separate the world outside from you and your belongings. They keep strangers and unwanted visitors outside and your family safe.



We make sure they provide you with good service and the highest levels of protection for you residence. They are qualified locksmiths with plenty of experience and training. They make use of advanced technology and cutting-edge tools. They are familiarized with their equipment and are capable of finding the most suitable solutions to your residential security problems. They will fulfill your requirements and satisfy your needs. That is way you may rest assured that your home will be safe.


Tolleson locksmith

We supply all kinds of re-keying services. There are different valid causes to re-key your locks. If you bought a new house, or your locks are outdated this is a viable solution. Maybe, you do not have access to certain keys or the locks are completely damaged. Re-keying is a simple procedure and our locksmiths are capable of doing it. If you re-key your old locks, we can provide you with fresh keys. On the other hand, if your locks are in good condition but they just need maintenance, we can repair them for you.

Our locksmiths use a great number of tools and methods to modernize your locks. Our methods will ensure your locks are updated. If your keys have been lost, misplaced or they are broken, we can make you new keys. Re-keying is a process that implies making key duplications. In order to make identical keys, we need a model key, which is often lost, however, we can use the locking system to help us create a fresh key, without having to find the missing key. Our locksmiths have the training and experience to re-key your locks and provide you with new keys.


If you take care of your locks properly, they can be in used for long periods of time. The main point of a lock is to make sure that the mechanism latches onto each other properly. Sometimes people buy new locks because they think it is the only solution. Most of the time, proper maintenance is the only thing your lock needs. Residential Locksmith Tolleson recommends you try fixing your locks first rather than replacing them. Sometimes this is the best and only solution.

If you are remodeling your house, then we recommend you change all the locks. We can advise you and find the best options taking into consideration your needs, requirements and your budget.


We believe that security is about considering possible threats. We make sure we have the most advanced technology at your disposal. Our specialists will advise you and set up the locks you wish, and they will make sure they work properly. Make sure you call us to get your free quote. We are definitely the best choice.


Our professional locksmiths will provide you with home entryways, fences, storage units, basements and even overhead garage doors. They all require locking systems for ultimate protection for your home, residents and possessions. These locking systems will differ depending on your security needs and the desire levels of security. Our experts will help you choose the locking system that best suits you.

We assure you we deliver what we promise; you must choose us as your locksmith company. We will find the most assertive solutions to your security needs and the best options to satisfy all your needs.


Commercial services differ from residential services because they require stronger measures and higher levels of security; their size, models brands are special. Commercial Locksmiths Tolleson know everything there is to know regarding commercial needs. We can deal with simple security measures as well as complex security projects. We supply key coding, lock installation, lock repair, servicing and replacement for your company. We consider all commercial aspects and needs and we will satisfy your requirements.


Commercial Locksmiths Tolleson will ensure the safety of your company. No matter how big or how small your company is or how complex or how simple your security project is, we will make sure our locksmiths provide you with first-class service. We provide our service to a great number of commercial businesses. We take our time and make a lot of effort in order to create a safe environment in your company. Our locksmiths have been specially trained to meet your expectations.



Commercial Locksmith Tolleson

We can provide you with the best re-keying service in the market. If you suspect your key has been illegally reproduced, or you lost your key or it broke, our locksmiths can change your lock so new keys might operate it. Additionally, our locksmiths can provide you with new keys or new sets of keys if you wish. They have all the equipment at hand. We have re-keying solutions to all locks, situations and businesses.


Sometimes your locks wear out due to intense weather conditions, mistreatment or because they are very old. We offer you our old lock servicing service. We can provide maintenance, replacement and lock changing depending on the conditions of the lock and we can duplicate your keys as well.

Locksmith in Tolleson


If your locks are too damaged and they are beyond repair, we recommend you change your locks. We can install your new locks and provide you with proper servicing whenever you need. Our technicians make use of the latest technology and most advanced tools in order to make sure that the installation is carried perfectly. Our locksmiths are well acquainted with all their machinery, you may rest assured that your new locks will be installed flawlessly.


Being in charge of a business is a tiresome activity. You have to make sure that your assets, employees, and client´s belongings and information are secure. Besides, as there might be a great number of people in possession of keys to common areas, keys get lost very often. They sometimes get broken as well so you need to find solutions because your employees need to have access to certain areas of the company. You can call our Locksmith in Tolleson and ask for new sets of keys and they will be delivered within the day. You will only need to provide us with the codes, specifications and quantity. We assure you that our duplicates will be as perfect as the original ones. Make sure you contact us, we guarantee good keys, whereas amateur locksmiths might leave fragments that may get stuck inside the lock mechanism which may result in jamming.

Our company is registered and licensed business and a part of Association Locksmiths of America


Our locksmiths may also provide the following services:

Key-less accessibility systems

Master Keys

Emergency restoration


Can you imagine a more frustrating situation than getting yourself locked out of your own car? It must definitely be a most stressing position to be in. Imagine that after a specially long and tiring day of work you go outside your workplace only to find out that you have left the keys inside. You try pulling all the handles but to no avail. You have got yourself locked out! You start to think of possible solutions; breaking a window, using a wire hanger or a long shoelace with a slipknot. You cannot get up the courage to break a window and you are sure that you will not be able to pull the car safe up with either the wire hanger or the shoelace. What other options do you have? Instead of breaking a window and considering the most far-fetched options, contact Automotive Locksmiths Tolleson. They will find the most convenient solution. You will save money and a lot of time.


Our emergency locksmiths are always ready. Automotive Locksmiths Tolleson are willing and eager to help you with your automotive difficulties. Locking yourself out is very problematic, as well as losing your keys or getting them stolen. If you want timely and stress-free solutions, call our emergency locksmiths. Automotive locks-outs will no longer represent major a problem in the Tolleson area. Our skilled locksmiths will take care of your lock-out problems. They will be there in no time to assist you. Besides, they will offer you affordable prices. Our rival companies cannot compete against our fees, expertise or service.



Automotive Locksmiths Tolleson offer you their lock servicing options. We can service your old locks and provide you with extra security. If experiencing lock-outs, call our experts and they will unlock your car and provide you with maintenance if needs be. Sometimes locks malfunction because they are very old have not had proper servicing in years. Other times they have been overused or ill-treated, so they stop working correctly. Anyhow, we will provide you with first-class maintenance and get your locks working well again.


There are several reasons you have to or in dire need of changing the ignition. If the ignition is acting up or it is simply beyond repair, Automotive Locksmiths Tolleson can change it for you. There are other reasons to have your ignition changed like losing the key or getting it stolen. If you believe someone has made a copy of your car key, changing the ignition is again the best option. Automotive Locksmiths Tolleson offers you fair prices, good and timely service and we will find sensible solutions.


Getting yourself locked out might represent a great nuisance. Your schedule might be altered in a matter of seconds. Your best shot is to call your local emergency locksmith. Emergency Locksmiths Tolleson give you a twenty-four-hour service. We are committed to our service, which is why our service is fast, efficient and effective. We can get you back on the saddle in no time. Do not hesitate to contact us and get our emergency locksmith service.


Our experienced locksmiths are always ready to help you. We are willing and eager to assist your needs. No matter where you are experiencing lock-outs or the hour we are glad to help you under any circumstances. At Tolleson Locksmith, we provide our service twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week for your emergencies. Rather than contemplating the possibility of breaking your window or getting really expensive lock repair locksmith services, call Emergency Locksmiths Tolleson, they will send someone immediately to assist you. Our fees are affordable and our professionals have training and experience.


Our professionals at Emergency Locksmiths Tolleson can supply you with new keys for your lock problems. These new keys will let you enter specific lock-out areas. There are other efficient methods that do not always work accordingly. This is the reason why our locksmiths will work very hard to provide you the key or keys you need. Getting new keys can be a time consuming and very expensive thing, however, if you contact us, you will find that our fees are very economical. Other companies might charge you exceedingly high amounts of money.


We have at your disposal a very opportune service; they are able to change the ignition of your car. If you lose your key, it makes your car more exposed, this way someone might break into your house. Our locksmiths are prepared to offer you an ignition substitution and new keys. With our ignition change service we ensure the safety of you vehicle. On the other hand you can get the ignition changed and it is an equally possible solution and way better than getting a whole new car because it was stolen. Our specialists are trained and the are ready to take care of your ignition in a short period of time. We are the best choice and the best alternative; we are at your service.



24 Hour Locksmith Tolleson

It is very problematic to be lock-out of your home or business. It might represent money and loss, besides it takes lots of valuable time. Being locked out can get you under a lot of stress and can be really frustrating. Emergency Locksmith Tolleson will help you regardless of your necessity: re-keying, making copies or anything related to your locks.

As we know how important it is to avoid wasting time, we make sure our technicians get to you really fast and with the necessary tools to help you. They will give you efficient and timely solutions and you will be able to be back on track.

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