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Locksmith Force Commercial Services

Not many people realize that lock products aimed to commercial uses are very different to those directed to residential venues. Indeed, commercial and industrial locks are made to endure very different environmental and work conditions. What they lack in style they provide in sturdiness, durability and versatility. Locksmith Force has experts who know exactly how to deal with any particular environment and conditions of labor. We are certified locksmiths and know all the installation protocols and requirements for every one of our products. We specialize in high tech and high security locks, as well as multiple layer security systems, surveillance, intercom and even safes and vaults.

Your business is your most important asset, and we know there are vital parts that need to be protected. Your personnel, machinery, documents, valuable good and your own life must be protected without having to pay an arm and a leg. Visit anyone of our stores in any city of the Arizona state to make sure you´re getting the latest and most advanced locking technology available.

We install doors, locks, vaults, surveillance CCTV systems, multi directional intercoms, panic bars, master suites and access control systems with magnetic or biometric locks. You ask and we provide. It might seem complicated to install any of those systems for a whole factory or office building but Locksmith Force knows how to do discreetly in no time. You do not have to shut your factory for a day or two to have our people work. No matter how complex the work is, we guarantee speed and efficiency.

We offer rekeying services for times when you are not sure you´re the only one who has access to your premises. This is very important in working environment as many people might carry keys that unlock vital areas of your property. In the unfortunate event that you have to let people of confidence go, you have to make sure you are the holder of every key that opens locks of vital importance. Locksmith Force will go right where you are and modify the cylinders of the lock to render all the old keys useless, and we will provide you with a set of at least two keys made right on the spot for you, always making sure they open and close the lock smoothly to avoid damaging the lock and any loss of workflow efficiency.

Lockout situations are very common as well. When these occur in a working environment it could represent a huge loss for the people who work there. Remember that every hour a company is closed, means it is losing money and wasting the time of many other people who depend on the services of a business. That´s why it is always important to have a trusted locksmith right when you need it. Our technicians at Locksmith Force are certified experts with years of experience who really know their jobs. They will make sure your agenda for the day stays intact and you regain access to all your important areas in record time.

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