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Doors Installtion Repair


At Locksmith Force we’ll provide a variety of options in installation and repair work you need on exterior doors or interior doors. For private, residential, or commercial use in Arizona, we stock and provide options of using industrial glass aluminum doors, glass doors, wooden doors or metal doors whilst giving you an array of options of what size, style and fitting you’re looking for.Various door problems can arise with certain kinds of designs and make-ups of of the issues is door sagging which can result in alignment

problems. You need a door that will close properly all the time, not one that will need re-aligning or costly replacements in the future; the solution to that is using commercial door hinges.Commercial door hinges can be done for:

Aluminum Doors

This design is suitable for doors that have high traffic use such as, Storefronts, Healthcare facilities, Schools, Libraries, Businesses and many more places in Arizona.

Metal Doors

With the weight more balanced out in the door, it will allow for a greater ease of use instead of warping over time.

Wooden Doors

Wooden doors (especially solid wood), due to being generally heavier than metal and aluminum doors, tend to wear and tear more noticeably which results problems in security and use. However with commercial door hinges used in wooden doors, you won’t have to worry about the hassles of wear and tear that comes with the traditional hinges.

Locksmith Force uses the best technologies to ensure your doors work for the long-term.

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