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Here at Locksmith Force we also specialize in garage door installation, maintenance and repair. Your garage door is an important part of your house and it must also be protected. But a garage door sometimes represents a huge investment not only because of the materials used for its creation, but also because they must provide insulation and they require the right opener to make it work smoothly.

When it comes to garage doors, insulation is a very important issue. Many manufacturers boast garage doors that have high insulation degrees, making them a very expensive product, but you must know that more insulation is not always better. Your garage walls have an insulation rating as well, and your garage door must match it in order to be useful. If a garage door offers more insulation than your walls, the extra insulation will not have any effect. Therefore, one must be careful to buy a garage door based only on a great insulation that will be useless at the end. Call Locksmith Force and our experts will perform a complete assessment of your garage to let you know which would be the best garage door for your specific needs.

We also offer a great selection of garage door openers. These automated contraptions are very useful, and have transformed the way we do things. No one can imagine having to get off of their cars just to open a garage door nowadays thanks to these strong and reliable arms. Just having a remote controller in the car is enough now to get us inside our houses without ever stepping on snow or having to lift heavy gates.

There are three kinds of openers and their use depends on the weight of your door, or your garage configuration. Chain driven openers are the strongest of all. You can hear the sound of a chain being pulled to lift heavy doors and recognize them. They used to be very noisy, but new technology has made them very quiet now while retaining their great strength. Belt driven openers are a great option. They have always been quieter than their big brothers, and quite strong too. Not recommended for huge wooden gates, although there are models that can lift quite a load. Shaft driven openers are very common in garages that have space issues. Their configuration makes them perfect for small garages or those that are reaching their full capacity.

All openers come with two remotes that can be affixed to your car. They also come with backup batteries so you´re protected in case of power shortages.

Visit our website or give us a call to find out more about our exclusive garage door materials, openers, insulation, and maintenance services that include machine service, door painting and spring replacements.

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