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Intercom Systems

One of the best ways to establish a distance between you and uninvited visitors is to install an intercom systems. The idea is not good. These have been around for decades and have become an important part of office buildings, residential towers, and gated communities all over the world. They allow you to have complete control on the access to your premises.We offer intercom solutions that can be destined for residential, commercial and industrial areas.


No two places have the same requirements when it comes to intercom systems. Many residences just need a two way system that allow the owner to have a two-way communication with the front door. Others like to have communications with many points of the property, between rooms and living areas, front and back door, and even garage.

Commercial venues might need a multi-channel intercom system that allow for many people and departments to maintain constant and simultaneous communication. Video is an option that has become very popular and a must have for some of our clients.

You should visit our store or schedule an appointment with one of our specialists to make sure you get the intercom solution that fits best in your living or working environment. We work with wireless systems that can hardly be seen and do not need extensive work in your house and walls. But for big jobs like gated communities, office buildings or factory floors, we recommend wired systems that use the same infrastructure phone lines have. The work is a more invasive but the results are better in terms of safety, sturdiness and clear signal for voice and video.

Check out our models or schedule an appointment with one of our specialists so he can do a complete assessment and budget estimate. Some systems might seem attractive but you should always aim for the one that has the features you will really use. There is no point in getting the most expensive intercom system if you´re not going to use all the features. We will help you choose the best for you, saving money and time to you and your company or household. You should always make informed decisions when it comes to your safety and comfort, so we recommend you to ask first before you commit to any of our systems.

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